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hello im new here.

the first 2 are people studies, next 2 sketches, next is a "finished" picture. last is study i did of john sargents painting.

i learned a lot on this one.
you dont HAVE to only use hard brushes even if you want a sketchy painted look.

exciting, this is going to speed things up and make my work look a little better.

im actually proud of this one.
the first image ive actually "finished" and been proud of in a long time.

the john sargent studies helped a lot, and i watched all of daves videos which also helped alot (totally took his jacket detail style ;d)

gross. environments.

but i need to start practicing them seriously.
those damn bushes in the front took too long.

im think im going to do a study of a painted environment so i can learn strokes used to render things with that much detail
i did 3 studies but i closed the first one on accident.
and the 3rd one i got tired of doing it, it was alot of complex stuff going on and im getting exhausted.

Looking good, man!
studs mc duds
value is about RELATIVE light and dark
i cant just take a light from say, a light grey arm and use it to lighten black cloth.
well you can.. but it has to be within the level of light that should be lighting your dark object.
this is interesting, i will test this. but for not fruit loops, hey arnold, and sleep.
all day.
i dont know if im done or not. probably.
Wow that last piece is so cool, because of the size of my monitor I could only see the top half and then I scrolled and the bottom surprised me : )
The last piece has a really creepy feel to it, but cool!
thanks guys, i took it as far as i felt i could go without forcing it.

i started this one in b&w and tried to add color. i dont like this process.

ive been doing alot of pencil on paper stuff.
i keep practicing but i hardly get better. surprise.

my first digital since i posted that last thing.
dave told me to do more drawing from life, this is my 3rd one since last night and this fucking giraffe statue is kicking my ass.

i can not get these colors right, stupid metal. and i dont know why but "greens" really kick my ass too so the green in my orange looks cartoonish.

this is a wip. i will get this right.

(edit)oh yeah heres a finished one.
trying to work on more finished stuff, spending hours and hours without getting discouraged or annoyed.

like 6 hours so far.
wip obvs
any feed back be great.
The tree lady is sick!
i havent been here in a while, i dont know why.

ive been bummed about my lack of significant enough improvement, after 23 years my skill level is not anywhere near it should be for how much ive given to art. ive never had a single art job, and im getting older.

that being said ive still been trying to suck it up and just push through. been drawing at the least 3/4 hours a day with the max being about 7 hours a day.

im going to try to be more active, helping people out with the knowledge ive gained and doing some mentoring, hanging out more on the forums and actually getting to know peoples names. i really want to get in a study group or have a study partner. just being involved and not sitting here being so fucking mad all day.

trying new shit
heres some stuff ive done lately. a mix of sketches, "finish as much as you can in x amount of time", copies of other peoples work for study or practicing style/technique, finished pictures, and studies in various things. not including the 200 or pencil paper drawing ive been doing.

they are in order of when i did them except the "finished" stuff is at the end
also sorry i didnt resize some if its too big.