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Full Version: RockOnGuy's sketches: A New Beginning
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I was kind of nervous when I first came here because of all that talent around here...
So I didn't really want to submit a sketchbook here.
But I realized I'm here for my own improvement, not to competen with the rest.
Sickbrush, Johnsilva, Wolkenfels and some other convinced me to just make a sketchbook here.
But please don't compare it to your levels, please compare it to my level, the level of a random 14-year-old kid. Don't worry, I'm on a lot of forums, I can handle critique.

2nd try at digital drawing. Really JUST started.
[Image: huismus.png]

Old man drawing practice, just pencils
[Image: Oudeman.png]

Animal speed sketching practice
[Image: Naamloos-1.png]

It's not much ^^; But I'm really new to all this :\
Thanks in advance.
Good start Rock. It will be easier to crit after seeing more of your work. Welcome to the CD forums.
It's been f**king ages since I posted here. I decided to change that by setting deathlines and posting most of my studies (especially) including the ones that I hate... And the best way to keep a promise is doing it straight away... So there.


I promise to be way more active in the community from now on, and I'll dump most of my crap from now on.

-I need somebody to kick my butt when I fail to-
More work less talk :P
The studies are looking good, but don't forget to apply them to optimize the knowledge you learn from each study. :D
PS. You finally started a sketchbook :P
(09-08-2012, 02:25 AM)Miles-E Wrote: [ -> ]The studies are looking good, but don't forget to apply them to optimize the knowledge you learn from each study. :D
PS. You finally started a sketchbook :P

Happy now? Cuz' I'm not going to start another one! ;p

Btw, I saw the new ImagineFX contained stuff about colors and fabrics, so I bought it immediately ^-^
I studied a lot, I swear ;-;
I just have the bad habit of erasing my studies... Not deleting, just cleaning the canvas and start a new one...

1. Hand Study
2. Gesture drawing (Only manikins for I never have time to flesh out)
3. Old manikins from imagination
The handwork is looking pretty good :)
Nice work on the studies, keep it up. The hands looks really good.
Yup the hands are well done.
More gestures without flesh, because I am just a slow tard :p
One quick portrait value study
Creature with paintover for the mentoring class (I suck lol)
Lets stay positive.. You dont suck.. There maybe areas that you may need to work on but we all do.. SO keep your head up.. You are making progress
Nice studies in here, dude. Keep up that hard work because it pays off for sure!
As the people that have me on FaceBook have probably read, a lot of stuff has been falling into place for me in the past days/weeks. Confidence is becoming less of an issue and motivation has returned. I want to be more active in the community from now on, because I want to give back to the community for all that I have so far learnt from it. Thumbs_up

So ask me all you want!

Here are some crappy studies.
Leave suggestions on what to paint here, I love those!
Glad you're getting back in on the action!

Keep posting and Rock on~ :D
Good stuff, I think you should work more on your observation/construction step before putting values colors etc... Try to be as right as possible :)

Keep working ! ;D
Good going Sjoerd. I'd say values are part of observation practice, so just keep on going.
Some more sketches, trying to keep the daily updates!
Another daily update, more handses
3 hour selfportrait and movie still study 1 hour
Kinda wound up in tests and studying atm
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