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Full Version: What thumbnail do you prefer?Theme :Mediaval Claw Weapon
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Hi i have choosen to let people play the role of an art director to add a level of difficulty to challenge myself.

Here the theme :Mediaval Claw Weapon

I added some description because it was more challenging then i though to create silhouette of claw weapon and still be readable.

Here the description for them

1.Small racklike tool use manly to do gardening can be turn into a self defense weapon.
2.This weapon is use by ninja to slash throat it a bracelet with claw that is attach to the wrist with a leather grip strap the claw rest on top of the hand
3.This weapon feature stabbing 3 spike and as D shape to protect the hand this weapon as an handle
4.This tool is manly use to climb up wall but it can be use to claw the face of enemy from distance to possibly blind them
5.This claw weapon as 5 claw resting on a glove.
6.This claw weapon is rectangular it feature 4 claw resting on a iron piece of metal you place it inside the hand to hide it.
7.This I shaped weapon feature 2 claw and a T grip

I have made 7 thumbnail please choose 3 of them.Those with the most vote will be refined.