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Full Version: Ognjisha's esoteric studies
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[Image: vbqph8e.jpg]

[Image: QBn58e3.jpg][Image: NJ2Ogbq.jpg][Image: GsAcZr2.jpg][Image: vuL3PBh.jpg]
[Image: 3PuPqfe.jpg][Image: mppbj4d.jpg][Image: Ob90DnY.jpg]
I like how you let your work speak for itself right now.I will be coming back if you post more in the future.
Hey ognjiša, welcome to the forum!

Really nice painting :).

Looks like you already know a couple of the people on here?

Good to have you aboard :).
Whoaa! The shiny material studies are so cool! The frog one is the best, I like how you can show different textures on the same picture. I know the specular reflection is essential for making things read as metal or glass, but for some reason I never make it look right. Maybe I'm just not bold enough.
ay brother, welcome. some sexy work up in here <3
You paint reflections like a 3D rendering program. Cool stuff!
Yo thanks everyone for the welcomes! I think I'm gonna dump almost all the drawings i do here. I've got a huge backlog of studies, drawings and sketches that i won't bother uploading. I made the thread sorta to keep myself on track, almost as an accountability thing. 

So here's some stuff from last week, color studies (which are a daily thing) and some anatomy, figure and costume studies.
[Image: 9IizVvC.jpg][Image: QShC52O.jpg][Image: ju7oePf.jpg]

[Image: zKPKzyy.jpg][Image: uOApY1r.jpg]
That's a self portrait, the likeness is so-so
The newsprint i draw on kinda wrinkles and the scans look very shitty but hey ive got literal kilos of that stuff so i gotta use it up
Darn it bud! Killing it. Daily!? Share some of those sands of time lol, how many hours you have!?
About reflections, try a few chromes ones next, if you haven't yet. Or brass, gold. The rest is outstanding! Thumbs up!
Studies are looking excellent! Looking forward to see some finished artworks! :)
Hey. Those subtle highlights on your first post are delightful. Keep posting!
Yo everyone thanks for the kind replies, and you Roto for the suggestions, i definitely will be doing some different reflective materials, and I might just post some older stuff some other time lol

Here's the last 2 days, practicing bears and trying to move on to horses. Also some comic artists studies (this is mostly John Buscema) and some figure drawing, trying to understand the raised arms. Plus the daily color studies

And 2 wips of a to-be-finished painting for this month's proko challenge as well

[Image: ZDniU2L.jpg][Image: V4helQL.jpg][Image: nF9gQ0Y.jpg]
[Image: xX9h44d.jpg]

[Image: MOisffX.jpg]
Hey! Psst. you.. come`re. You've building an army, I see. But.. numbers aren't enough. You.... you need to arm them also, gear you see? I can help with that. For a price...

Ha ha. Alright so what are the bears study about? Are you plotting something... nasty? "Bear traps"... maybe? Just giving you ideas... hee hee.
Wow those reflective material studies are killer! Super inspiring. Also really drawn to you color studies haha I recognize a few of em.
Can't wait to see more updates
Yo thanks spec!
And roto ofc here's some progress on the goblins, not a lot but i finally blocked in the weapons so they're not so naked. I don't want to armor them really, i like their anatomy and i want them looking pretty savage
So here's some more drawing studies, working on anatomy and now horses, and some more color studies [Image: sCY4etC.jpg][Image: lo8T9jM.jpg][Image: W2EwWym.jpg][Image: MUTQx6I.jpg]
Awesome work dude. I'm loving the anatomy on your competition piece and the subtle reflected light off their lower abdomens is really cool.

Keep going!
Thanks artloader bro!
Here's some drawing studies and a finished sketch of a troll encounter 
I'm working on getting better at drawing convincing figures from invention, so i'm studying specific actions and muscles, rn im on the back 
Slow grind lately because i have uni work and it wastes my time 
[Image: AfWe5lA.jpg][Image: PbuWbx4.jpg][Image: WuseGd1.jpg]
Ugh sorry bro, I was just joking around because you were doing an army and I was making weapons at the time ha ha. So I thought to joke around acting like some shady back alley weapon dealer! lol.

This last one has a Frazetta vibe to it man. Nice!
Hey, Ognješa, your art is looking great! I notice we seem to be from the same general region (zašto bi inače pisalo "srednja leđa" inostrancu na crtežu ;] ), so I wanted to ask you a few questions in private; would it be OK to send you a private message?
Thanks Roto : D I know you're always joking but i didnt quite connect it and just thought you were giving a suggestion lol
Here's some new shit 
Finished proko paintng
[Image: oVupkvG.jpg]Sketches and studies [Image: AvghaJ2.jpg][Image: XxpGrQK.jpg]And some finished traditional drawings, im rly trying to get better at doing final drawings 
[Image: oIFTlS4.jpg][Image: 8qACPva.jpg]Put some flat colors on that guy, not too sure how i feel about it 
[Image: cHs5OJ7.jpg]
Another one, and the beginning of it's painting:
[Image: CKvQJIM.jpg]
[Image: Co5pR7p.jpg][Image: GCLqoXX.jpg][Image: 02vzL0T.jpg][Image: DhlpNaA.jpg][Image: ccInnuJ.jpg]
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