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Full Version: Winged girl
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Some thing I finished last night on Procreate
Thats very cool!
but a little suggestion here would be to add some shadows down at her foot unless shes flying high,
it makes the art look better when its interacting with the environment!

Btw, am I allowed to reply critiques on this specific forum?
I would not put this in my portfolio here one reason the line work isn't really great and if you can't get linework right i think it say alot about your work.The background doesn't look like you took more than 2 min to draw it i don't know what kind of message your trying to send to people but i don't think you are sending them a good first impression.If i was you i would go back to the drawing board.Also if this is fan art don't even think about putting that in a portfolio or calling it your own this a big no no.
I think my message came across the wrong way every portfolio as it good point and bad point the idea i wanted to share here is you don't need to have perfect drawing.But you should make sure that you show them your best piece and that it as atleast some chance to get you hired. Of course the level of your work inside your porfolio is only proportional to the quality demanded by those who would hire you so it not for me to judge that.It is not my intent to discourage you and any shape or form i am just trying to give you a rsome advice which might seem harsh to some but is in reality is meant to set your standard higher which is something everyone should thrive for.