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Full Version: E-noir Sketchbook
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Hello guys. I made a cloth study, and I really appreciate some feedback. Thanks!
What concern me more than your cloth rendering right now is getting an idea of how much you can get close to the actualy color of your reference.We can talk about the cloth later i think.

One thing for the first drawing is how the proportion of the lower skirt are sqash if it was intended to be a copy of the original it seem like you run out of space and you didn't plan a head of time to separate your drawing on a different layer to adjust there size this i think as force you to compress the drawing.

If you don't care about color right now no need to make you study in full color just turn your reference into a greyscale image and paint with tone of grey.
Since you said they're studies I'm assuming you're going for accuracy. The highlights in the second study are much too light. Black objects absorb most of the light that hits them, so the difference between the darkest and lightest part of a black object is smaller than you'd expect. Unless it's very shiny, of course.