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Full Version: Halftones in Krita
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I am using Krita. I want to do the thing, that normally the "artistic filter" called "halftones" would do.

But in the menu on top in "filters" I have the option "artistic" and than it has
-index color

but there is no "halftones".

What do I have to do to get that option?
Can you show an example of what the filter do a before and after?I don't use krita but it might be helpful to people who could help.
ok, what I want is to make a brush (or some other way) that gives me a pattern of dots.

That is, how it is made in Manga-books. whenever there are darker colors, they just make the dots more dense.

Like this example, I hope it is visible enough:


so if I want a dark area, the dots have to be very dense together, and if an Area is brighter, then the dots are far from each other.
On mine it shows Halftone in addition to the other options. Are you using the lateset version, 4.3?

If there really is no Haltone option on your Krita, there is a way you can create the halftone effect manually using patterns and layer settings.
For all i know you could find a dotted pattern on google or something like this and like joseph said you simply have to find the setting so that your pattern is applied as a mask so that it applied on in the zone you want to be affected or you could also learn how to use the bucket fill if you know how to turn a pattern into a bucket fill pattern.

It a bit hard to explain what a mask is without an example if you have never used mask before.But i recommend you research the term krita mask on youtube to get an idea of what it might do for you.

Now let talk about why you don't want this to be a brush

Your brush will probably be doing a lesser job than what i am proposing since it only get applied in a circular fashion it would be like using a rounded stamp brush not the best result and as you would drag the brush around i don't think you would be get this kind of result your looking after so the best option is to learn about mask and how to import stock image to be use as your halftone or how to use a imported stock image into a bucket fill pattern.
If my Krita version would be an older one, and I update it, would my recent files work with the new version to continue working on them?
yeah, they definitely will.
I updated my Krita to the newest version to use "halftones". 2 things: it is very slow, so as if my pc is really heavily computing something all the time, second: the halftones look like this, which I think is not right:

What do I have to do?


I didn't watch but if my guess is right this should be what your exactly looking for.It pay off to know how to research topic.I might have just more experience or willingness to research.But i literally just putted 4 word togeher to get this krita half tone filter
I already watched that video before, but yeah, I will experiment, maybe I will find out whats wrong.
Hmmm sometimes it does make kind of weird patterns but I'd have to see what the original image you were trying to halftone was to know what's going on here. The halftone filter is pretty slow. If you're working with a high resolution, it takes a while.

Anyways, if you are going to be using this a lot to make comics, I would not use this method to do screentone/halftone if I were you, it's too inconsistent. It's fine for just an artsy filter. I would use medibang paint probably, there is a really easy screentone tool where you can select an area, and than drag the tone you want to fill that area. There's plenty of tutorials on it as well. For example:

You could maybe do this in Krita, too, but Medibang is actually set up for it. I love krita, but it's not really made for comics. Certain things are a bit of a pain on it.

I don't think there's any filter like this that would do perfect halftones like they have in manga. I could be wrong, but I think Medibang is a good option for you.
(09-08-2020, 07:01 AM)JosephCow Wrote: [ -> ]I would use medibang paint probably

Thanks JosephCow, this seems promising.
I have to get used to it, but this seems way better than Krita for this!