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Full Version: Texture hit or miss?
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I find that it essential that my texture read as intended.So i would like you to first of all guess what they are.There is no bad answers from your part so don't be shy. I either manage to make them read as indented or not so it all on me.
Metal, wood, meat! (it's also your file names haha). The meat one is quite good, but the wood one is definitely lacking. On all three of them, the bounce light from the bottom is missing, you could look into that. Also ambient occlusion where the ball meets the floor.


Keep it up!
gerbenpasjes-First of all damn you for knowing the name of the file.

Secondo glad to hear the meat was kinda sucessful i had real trouble finding the right balance to make it but i would certainly not say i could reproduce the same result twice.So there still much to it than just having sucess there a understanding of what i really did to get the result is still necessary and will need repetition.

For the iron i think you assume i wanted to do smooth iron will it is actually worn out iron so it less reflective.But i will try to do smooth iron in the future.

I will try to incorporate that to my next study i always forget about the core shadow and Ambiant occlusion some how.