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Full Version: Clipant's Sketchbook (started March 12, 2021)
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Ok I'm ready for this. The idea here is that I will post something at LEAST once a week (and if possible 2 or more times). I'm putting this here in writing so that I can keep myself accountable and feel some sense of embarrassment if I don't update the thread.

This is something I painted a couple of weeks now, so I'm starting off as already failing, but hopefully I can get back on the wagon this weekend.

[Image: vjyItPB.jpg]
Nice one, great job with the lighting and skin tones specifically!
Great work on the colors and values! Is it a movie still study by any chance?
Thanks cgmythology

Zorrentos, yeah it's a study of a frame from Interstellar.
After seeing your avatar pic I felt like I needed to leave a comment in your sketchbook :D Ah Interstellar, such a great movie. What I like about your study are the shadows, what I dont like as much is the hair. Keep going my raccoon brother!