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Full Version: Mrah's Sketchbook
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Here are some sketches I've done. [attachment=3517][attachment=3518][attachment=3520]
Im guilty.. (Guess which one im guilty of )Here is a sketch I did for my youtube channel[attachment=3523] [attachment=3522][attachment=3521]
Ive been up all night drawing.. Ive been drawing for 24 hours straight now... Im friggin tired now. I will post some of the the work i did but here is the 2h study i did for my youtube channel. I would upload the video sometime today, once i get up. Here it is[attachment=3563]
The little character with the skull on a stick is an excellent piece, my fav of the work you've posted so far. I also seriously hope you got some sleep, it's good for your health! lol Great work, keep working hard!
Here is my attempt of Dave's alien tutorial. Not a very good job :(
Ooh, nice portraits!

You really should look after your health though! Jeez, staying up for 24hrs is pretty crazy. I hope you at least took some breaks to stretch and get a bit of exercise.
Thank you. I did, the reason i did that is because i felt like i was getting complacent. The rest was great. I always try to give my hand breaks Because it would be a waste to work so hard only to get carpal tunnel.
Studies...studies.. studies...
Here is a frog study
Here are some more studies from the daily livestream. Ive been working on trying to render chain mail. I think im getting an understanding. The female chain mail is not finished yet
(THESE ARE JUST STUDIES )Daily live stream results . Ive been study many different things. I still have a long way to go. If you ever want feel free to join m in the live stream.
Disclaimer: Not trying to be a dick, I just noticed this. Not meaning to stir up a shit storm

Dunno if these are copying, studying, or just influence, but come on dudeeee, have a little integrity

[Image: whaaattt.jpg]
i want to emphasize what sam said- we arent trying to be dicks. but you really need to watch out when your work is this similar. if you openly call them studies, its ok. but a lot of these are too close and fall into the realm of plagiarism. as weve said before, its ok to copy people in the name of learning. what isnt ok is copying then changing 10 percent and calling it your own. people will notice, as proved by sams post. watch out, were only telling you for your own good.
Instead of accusing me... Dude Relax these are my studies... I made a goal for myself to draw Everyone of dave's pictures I could find. Like the Julia child story. Thanks for attacking me like im trying to steal his ideas. I have no teachers i have to learn this myself.. Im suppose to be able to post my grow as an artist. This ia all a learning process for me untill i can fall into my own way of doing things. This is my sketch book. And for the record there is many ways you could have handle this.. But hey that is what the internet is for. We all have a different way of learning information. Then you want to mention integrity.. Please... Mr DIck you won.. I wont post here anymore if i have to be attack for my progress. I'm sorry im not as good as you are.. You won..

Hey Dan i really appreciated the way you said your information. Samc just attacked me for no reason.. When this is suppose to be my sketched pad. I was drawing everyone of dave picture as a personal goal of mine. Julia Child story was my personal take on these studies. None of these are portfolio pieces. Then Samc want to mention integrity. Like im stealing Dave ideas. Im just learning. My sketch pad is suppose to be my safe haven. We all have different ways to learn. That is my way to retain information. Life is as simple as asking.. Well they say this looks like dave work as well. But thank you for giving me some advice. IT was really helpfull.. Here is the end results.
Woaah woaahh woaahh, I wanna mention I did drop a disclaimer saying I wasn't trying to be mean! It was just something I noticed and wanted to know what it was all about. Not trying to shit on anyone, feel free to learn however you like. Sorry if my post offended you
Sam its cool man.. That why words can do some much damage because its now what you say but its the way you say it. how you meant it is probably not how i read it.. And i want to apologize for misinterpretation. The comment that got me upset was "but come on dudeeee, have a little integrity." So we have a better understanding I changed the words of the post so everyone can know there are studies. Well lets get off to a better foot. I always stop by your stream to say hello.. I hope there aren't any hard feelings.. As we grow in our careers I wish the best in your progress. Thank you for all that i have learned and will learn.
more work from the live stream
You got some cool studies going on there, haven't seen alot of basic (anatomy, form and lighting, faces etc) stuff though! Also, just a tiny note, be sure to study _other_ peoples images also, so that you'll be able to develop your own style. If you just study one person, you'll end up learning _his_/_her_ style rather than, as mentioned, develop your own.

Also don't forget to draw from imagination to test what you've learned! Keep them posts coming, I want to see moar!

Kind regards, Simon
Nice stuff, I like the dogs. and the ape looks ace.
Jonesoda thank you for stopping by..
Mythtaken.. Ill post more anatomy studies but i wasn't sure if i should but i do study anatomy.. Ill start posting some more. Here are two quick sketches while my hand is still in the sling... lol.. The face is just something i rushed from my imagination so i wanted to try something stylized rather than realistic.
Some nice rendering! I like how you can make things shiny nicely, i think i need to learn how to use speculars/ highlights as good you xD.
ImSkeptical thank you im still working on finding myself but the shiny look is something im really starting to like... Here is the final image of the lady with the sword..
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