Paint critique pls
Recently i did this fanart from over the garden wall, what i could've done better?
i'm really newbie at digital art, and i'm trying really hard to learn it, please be patient with me :x

[Image: over_the_garden_wall__by_tobisney-db71a7h.png]
It's really good! great atmosphere and mood, lovely colour palette. Great sense of narrative! I don't know this franchise but it makes me interested in it, great job on all that ^^

Couple things that (I feel) could've been improved (this is all just my opinion and preferences):

- The perspective is tilted but he feels as if he's standing on flat ground, it makes it a bit disorienting (although maybe that's intended).

- The light falloff seems pretty good with the low light red only reaching his face but then the light across his knuckles and fingers is coming from an unknown source, his lamp light wouldn't be hitting there.

- Also with lighting, the red hitting the foliage seems inconsistant too. Not sure if that's in the distance or closer up (if it's closer to him it could work lighting wise but could use more clarity so we know that it is, possibly having it overlapping his face a little).

- The hand is pretty awesome, nicely done but the position and connection back to his body feels off, which stiffens up the pose. I can see his arm is bent and it feels nearly right and that you probably thought it out a bit. You could take some selfies in a mirror holding a similar kind of object and use that as reference for the arm / head / hand positioning.

But yea, really lovely painting. The eyes in the background are awesome, didn't notice them at first since it's quite a small resolution but they made me feel for the boy when I saw them ^^

Hope there's something useful in there!

i'll try work more with sketches and photo references to fix that in futures paintings,i feel kind difficult with that kind of things(body in perspective), and also some textures...
Thanks for the feedback and glad you liked it some parts :)

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