Raz's Sketchbook
wow, your studies look really awesome.
i will definitely come back ^^


Please help me getting better by checking out my sketchbook

HOMEPAGE http://floart.weebly.com
That pen looks awesome.
i love how analytical studies keep improving..

Thanks guys!
Some more studies :)

Wow! Awesome man! Study machine! A Sexy Steamroller XD

ahh i always get so motivated from looking at your work.
The skulls are delicious..

Oh wow.Thanks guys!
Don't know bout the study machine. I can accept sexy :)).

We admired your line studies in our class. We did talk about making value studies though and since value perception is relative to the environment a subject is in, your value studies would benefit from having rough values of the background for each skull too. Really careful form definition though with your values! I hope you'll follow along with the next assignment too! Thanks a lot for joining in with this one!

Master studys from Shyam's class :

@ lewislong Thanks for giving some insight from the stream class that's really cool of you :D.
I didn't catch the live stream but i watched it on demand last night, and it was really helpfull!
I will definetly do the next assignmet too!

More studies :

oh Man nice work on these studies! awesome seeing all the improvement in here.

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Some studies :

Master study from Shyam's class :

Self portrait form Sickbrush's class :

First time using a mirror. Was kinda tough, but you can see so much more. Got to do more of these.

Some studies for Shyam's class:



More stuff from the mentoring class:

I had a look through your sketchbook from the start to now, you've improved in leaps and bounds. You should be proud of your progress! Keep up the good work ^_^

Thanks Laura!
Dosen't feel like I improved all that much.

You've just got to look back at the first page of your sketchbook and then jump to the last page to see the difference :)

hey raz

liking your stuff your starting you got good facial proportions
and your getting the right color+value in your studies man :)

only crit is on brushwork and color temperature, you gotta loose that texture brush you love soo much lol JK

basically your using hard brushes on soft/round objects aka girls which gives your rendering the bumpy muddy look try using a brush that emulates the object your painting like the standard hard round brush and the standard soft round brush.

BUT here's the twist use the airbrush to paint core shadows that wrap around the form keep the edges with the regular hardround brush. this is far more efective and blending froms

as for tempreature rule of thumb is Warm light=cool shadow and vise versa
you can the the light tempreture by simply the color of the hightlight and areas of mass-light which way dose it lean to warm or cool?

in the pic above you went too warm with the shadows and lights her skin is quite pale but theres tonnnes of colors , theres greens and pinks in the areas of mass light and blues purples and green blues in the shadows but if you color pick them they just look like normal skintones?!?!

thats because colors are relative the tempreature refers to in which direction of the color wheel the hue is shifted, cool grey shifted a bit to the green on skin looks like blue vein but it isnt blue its just a cool grey... weird shit right

im sorry about typing up a term paper but ive struggled thought alot of this shit on my own man with no one to help me figure it out, just wanna help out when i can

keep it up and happy painting

iggy :)

Thank you Iggy for the post. I apreciate you taking the time doing the paintover and explaining what you did to make it look so good :D.
I used to use the soft round a lot in the past, don't know why i wasn't using it on this study, thought about it but never did it. Got to stop using the texture brush so much , thanks for pointing that out and reminding me of it.
Got to say I'm gonna be comming back to this post a lot when i'm using color so thanks for that again!


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