Bjulvar's Sketchbook
I don't want to live a world where such injustice dwells. I can only hope for Melon.

Made some things out of stuff! They're rough, but I like it that way you know.

Traditional sketchbook stuff. Scanners are for wimps!

More designs based on two silhouettes and a sketch based on a friend of mine's music. Go check it out:

More silhouettes and one final design. The slow work pays off!

This world is once again a beautiful place with Crimson Daggers up again. I almost ended it.

A little update!

Todays work, tried increasing the saturation in my environment sketches, since that kind of bothered me a bit. I also finished my evil queen designs. Didn't want to spend too much time on each!

Nice progress man!

Have you tried using harder brushes for enviros? They work magically :)
Keep up the good work!

Well thank you!
Not that much actually, I'm a bit chicken when it comes to it! I'm working on a building right now so hopefully it'll be a bit harder haha.
I will, the same to you!

Little study warmup

nice mileage man! i love seeing so many studies and imagination stuff altogether! i think you should do more still lifes, they really help you to work one thing at a time instead of juggling all the time,
this video talks about what i mean

either way do keep it up man! cant wait to see more stuff

Thanks, I try to vary as much as possible! Nice suggestion that I'll probably carry out, been thinking about doing a longer still life for a while now! I agree, it would only benefit!

Pushiiiing it to the limit man, you'll see more! Thanks for stopping by!

Here's a little sketchy thing with some small cues from the last study.

And here's a WiP which I will try getting those nice hard edges on. But I think I might need to reconsider the colors, god I suck at coloring city environments. I'll have to pay tribute to the colorgod tonight.

traditional stuff!

Slow at updating sometimes! Tried sketching with a harder brush but it's still pretty blurry in a way. Atleast I'm painting landscapes voluntarily!
An armor study I did this morning. Focused on the armor itself and not so much on the details.
And of course every castle needs a king, really happy with the one on the right!

Made a little study today aswell, and I made a blog that I'm going to post on. Might be the same stuff as here, but just to have it collected in one spot is always nice!


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First male model in a very long time, so it took some time to adjust! I've been trying to stray away from the realistic side of depiction during the latest croquis classes, being more loose and trying to be dynamic. It's quite liberating in a sense, because of the constraits you get when you focus on a pretty image and not a dynamic study. Also todays sketchbook page.

Kings and helicopters! What more do you need? Maybe a scaling practice sketch? Okay there you go.

Todays sketches

Thumbnailing environments and a sketch.

Flapbot! I love painting with a headache.

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Anatomy practice. Jumped between a lot of sketches today, felt pretty nice.

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