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Hello daggers! I'm really happy to have found this forum, i have recently discovered Sycra's forum and i'm active there and there i have found out about this forum and so here i am. :D

So to start with work :)

WIP - Deamon, Intuos 5, CS6, this is for now only block in with hard brush.

[Image: 9u80sg.jpg]
Persian Catapracht - pencil on paper, background Sycra's free paper texture

[Image: 51yr60.jpg]
WIP - bull rider, i'm doing this for friend, he's writing one fantasy piece and asked me if i can help him visualise some stuff. :)

[Image: 70crwi.jpg]
I'd suggest you to have the ropes arround the bull's horns at the base rather than the tips because that way they'll simply slip off.Also since it's fantasy I'd suggest you to make the bull alot more muscular and fierce looking since it seems he's trying to bullride.

you can see that even in the refference you used the bull isn't tied up there. so concider making it look more fantasy since that's what you''re trying to get right ? Maybe give the bull some armor ? Or make the guy look fancier.Ofc those are more of a personal choices , nontheless I think it might help u with the illustration.

Ofcourse it will help, thank you ;) that's why i like to post WIP-s, so i can get tips along the way ;) i hope i will finish it tommorow :)
this is WIP rendering practice, stock photo from Marcus Ranum i need more to work on it, then i will try to glaze on color :)

[Image: 161dr2b.jpg]

[Image: 29gd9y.jpg]

[Image: rmk7k3.jpg]
Really like the tension in the bull rider pic.

The portrait is coming along well, too. Is the reference sheared/resized a little oddly, though?

(05-25-2013, 03:15 AM)Sin Wrote: WIP - bull rider, i'm doing this for friend, he's writing one fantasy piece and asked me if i can help him visualise some stuff. :)

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I cropped it from a fgure photo, but i didn't care much about that because my goal was to learn rendering :) but thx :)
I like your sketches and work.
The bull rider looks so dramatic.
The portrait rendering sketch is awesome.

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WIP - goblin shaman in color, i still need to finish hands and foot, and make spell more transparent, after that i need to add texture...

[Image: 2gy4to5.jpg]

Trying out composition, it needs to have 4 characters, elf and goblin in front and dark elf and unicorn in back, and all in woods. So it's lots of stuff to put in, i will see how it will work out.
[Image: 35ix6w2.jpg]
Well it's been awhile, been busy with everything. This is for Iron Age second book: Bestiary :)

[Image: oszsr8.jpg]
Hey Sin! Comparing your goblin to this last one work shows how much you're improven with shading! I think the sword should be way up higher, more foreshortened. Maybe get some ref and try to translate that into your work :)!
thx man i will try it ;)
Something new i'm working on... and yeah still learning ways of color and ps...

[Image: bi74f4.jpg]

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