smrr's CC I: House Negrea
Hey Smrrr, I really dig the dynamism and action on that last one - you could do a freaking awesome comic action sequence with your style - but it feels like we don't get to see enough of the character, all the work you did with the design and stuff a lot of it is really hidden by the foreshortening. (just my 2 pence ^^)

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BjorkJT - Cheers, Bjork <3 <3 all about having fun while drawing ~

JyonnyNovice - You're on the money, Jyonny <3 that's honestly why I'm not 100% sold on it, even though I love the shit outta the idea... which is what's tough about letting go. If I do? D: I just have such a clear image in my head of where I want this rough to go and I know I'd have so much fun working on it... but in the back of my head, if this was a freelance gig, I'd have to scrap it - and just like that... **poof!** it's gone. Ugggggggh.

I need critssssssss on the last rough guys! 

Be honest with it - too much of the char is hidden? I'm on the fence. With details added, I know I can make a kickass thing I'm proud of, but perhaps it wouldn't be the best showcase for the brief. Mmmmmm. 
What I want most outta this challenge is a portfolio piece. Something that I'm proud of, that still fits the brief, that's why it's tough haha

It's very dynamic, it works brilliantly as a panel in a comic that is part of a larger story, so there is narrative. I'm a bit more concerned about that narrative and how it connects to GoT? (is that someone being trampled by a horse...just to be sure?) That might be the question you want to answer first. In terms of the character being hidden, well it is a bit, but the question is, will the rest remaining in how you imagine the design details to be, be enough to sell the idea of GoT? If you think it will, go for it. This is after all about your folio and development most of all....but nailing a brief is good practice too ^^. I made that clear as mud.

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand sold! Thanks for the honesty, Amit, it confirmed my suspicions. Back to the drawing board ;) ;_;

Edit: I'll explain what it was gonna look like for shits and gigs, because I'll probs turn it into something else post-contest.
In the courtyard of House Negrea, a man and his horse had foolishly attempted to talk down the Negrean way of thinking.The Negreans being one with nature, observed the man and the way he treated his steed. One of House Negrea's finest fighters grew tired of seeing the man treating his steed so unjustly.
So, she decided to teach him a lesson...
As the horse rears from a timely distraction, Rryin Negrea slid under the horse in a feat of unbelievable agility - she entrusted her whip to do the dirty work and flailed it hastily before she targeted the man's neck, inevitably thrusting him off the animal and into his untimely demise...

Just word-spewin'

I watched some battle scenes from GoT and some of them can get so crazy, which, in turn inspired me.

I would've had elements of House Negrea like the banner, sigil and all that in the image too

buuuuuutt fuck :D

Gonna be going hardcore this week.

Hey Smrr, some awesome work going on in here, lovely loose sketches and the the beetle and the dungball combo works great, really imaginative.

Look forward to seeing where you take this. (I would have also agreed that although the sketch was very dynamic as a piece to show off the character it didn't fit so well).

Keep up the awesome work and work ethic!

JonHop - the sad truth... thanks man <3


Hi, I'm terrified.

Didn't realise the deadline was the 26th (as opposed to the 29th of March like what I thought).

So let the panic and facedesking begin

YES! Real world style deadline issues. This is your challenge Smrr......kick it in the teeth. Panic helps

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Haha I feel your pain Smrr! This week is not ideal for me to be doing this challenge, but at least we try.
It's time to pick a comp and start tightening it up. You can do thisss!
[Image: 3806369.jpg]

As a sidnote: I really like that 6th comp in the right bottom corner. It's perfect.

Great that you wrote a story about your concept and descibed the Negreans' mentality! I already like this House in your interpretation :) Can't wait to see more drawing/painting! I've got Autodesk Sketchbook on my smartphone too, it's sooo hard to draw there, you're a hero if you do :) I like the 5th and 6th comps because they read best for me, and the skeleton! Skellies rock :)

neopatogen -  Hahaha cheers neo :D! Oh mah, luckily I've decided on the bottom right thumb then Sun  Yeah, idk, I always used to find it crazy hard to finger paint on the mobile, but for some reason it was really uh "freeing", just lying on my bed, visualising a scene and then sketching it out ^_^ ! 
 Piotr Jasielski -  Le to the git, Piotr ahahaha! And hey thanks ;-; it's really kicking my ass tho lol

 BjorkJT - AHAHA :D I'm not alone!! We*** can do thiiiiiiiiiiis!! 

Amit Dutta - I haven't felt this way in a looooooooooong time, it's fanta(read: fuckingsoscarywtfhahahelp ;___;)stic! I'm trying my best, thanks for the encouragement Amit <3

Rouuuuuuuuuuugh lines, I have a lot to clean up and oh there isn't enough time in a day dear Hex help pls what aaah

I know you probably won't have time for change, but I believe the position of the body in the initial comp was better (unless I read that wrong) - it feels better when it's perpendicular, not parallel to the arches.

Hahaha, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet. That sucks because in the back of my head, I had a voice telling me that the orig comp with the figure positioned contrastingly to the archways = better. Arrrrrrgh.

I went with this pose to tell more of a story... but the more I look at, the more uneasy I feel about it.

If I find my second wind, I'll change it

Thanks for the honest crits man ++rep!

Edit: most likely changing it

(03-22-2016, 09:20 PM)smrr Wrote: Hahaha, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiet. That sucks because in the back of my head, I had a voice telling me that the orig comp with the figure positioned contrastingly to the archways = better. Arrrrrrgh.

I went with this pose to tell more of a story... but the more I look at, the more uneasy I feel about it.

If I find my second wind, I'll change it

Thanks for the honest crits man ++rep!

Edit: most likely changing it

 Piotr definitely has an eye for stuff. I'm changing my sketch, too... Let's do it!

Don't worry about anything. You already got everything you need.

But i may advise you to simplify your picture in order to fully represent the character in the time period.
I see that you have a very complex background and foreground, maybe you can solve that with a photobash, its not hard to find that perspective in historical monuments and stuff like that.

And, i suggest you to get a more accurate anatomy reference for some landmarks, and maybe suggesting a more natural gestures for some parts, mainly the relationship between the torax, neck and the head. These are all easy fixes, your image is getting better and better, keep going.

neopatogen - he does hey! Get it girl!

dootrha - man, your crit was spot on, I wish I had seen it earlier. Saw it about 2 hours ago haha aaaaaaaaand I kept fighting with myself to change the pose to make it look more natural or leave it lmao. I decided to change it thanks to your feedback -- still trying to make it work. The BG was gonna be simplified compared to the figure anyways. Cheers again <3


Lost a lot of time these past couple of days with unexpected stuff. Really far behind I feel.
Haven't finished cleaning lines yet because of a change of heart with the fluidity of the pose, thanks to dootrha's crit (spot oonnnnnnnnnnnnn). 
I now realised I should have used reference for the pose/face and possibly even a 3d prog like sketchup for the architecture and stuff just to save time...
But I guess, in the end... I entered the Crucible to seriously challenge myself and work on my absolute weaknesses - which is exactly what I'm doing rn with what I stated ^

I'm really enjoying the struggle! I can't stand how my piece is turning out tbh. But it's not over yet and I'm gonna give these last couple a days everything I've got in the tank

so here,
Still working on fixing the pose, face and lines before I move onto colour

Hey. looks good. Just a quick thing I noticed - tilting her slightly to the left might look better :)

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Wow, can´t wait to the the final painting! It´s looking really good so far, great choice of perspective! I agree with Piotr, looks better slightly tilted

haha, when you start to hate your painting, you know you have been doing something right :P
Ok maybe not strictly true, but it means you've put so much into it, it's starting to break you down. The upside is, all the hard work done, rendering will be a breezy time on the beach with cocktails.

oh it looks good btw...nothing to hate. Please stick a beetle on one of those foreground leaves :)

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Gogogo can't wait :D


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