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Ivan Ći's sketchbook - iCi - 07-19-2012

Ivan is the name :)
Here is some stuff, just so you know where I am, and who is telling you to do this or that. Most of them digital wips or sketches, i still need to work on my skill a lot, got serious a few months ago [attachment=5368]
Ezio study oil on canvas[Image: assasin+sredjen2blog.jpg]

[Image: indaface.jpg]

[Image: gmoss2.jpg]

[Image: bijes+titana.jpg]
Take care

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 07-20-2012

And some quick environment
[Image: concept+ci+inferno.jpg]

aaaand a princess [Image: Princeza+jesenja+i+mala%252C+Ivan+Cirovic.jpg]

Would greatly appreciate the feedback on the chick(especially from some more experienced members), since im not used (as you can see) to drawing people without reference or a model (ex fine art student -.- )

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-05-2012

quick chick study , pretty embarrassing, gotta work my *** off...

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-06-2012

this one took waaay too much time, and is still off. gotta introduce more construction into my studies.. 'if you want him, come and claim him'
some old characters [Image: marina+blog.jpg] [Image: lazar+blog.jpg]

aaaand another 1hr study before sleep. [attachment=5078] nn :)

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-06-2012

3h study, again focused on details before taking it all to the same level -.- [attachment=5097]

work work

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-07-2012

here goes.... tried to make a generic female head from imagination as 3d as possible. I tried to stay on basic shapes as long as i could, it still has a lot of flaws but it feels like a progress :) . I painted over and over again, so i lost track of time...[attachment=5101] work work

Edit- if anyone thinks I am spamming the thread with my updates, say the word.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - Trobino - 08-07-2012

great work you're producing! great environmental concepts. keep up the great work

RE: Ci's sketchbook - DK - 08-07-2012

Haha, don't worry about "spamming" as long as you're updating with art. Keep pushin those studies and take as much time as you need! Your personal work is already off to a great start.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - ramalooke - 08-07-2012

I understand that doing those photo stills you were focusing mainly on color. You will benefit more from a study if you focus on many things and once. Like value, edges, composition, color. You may spend more time on each study but at the end you will save time. Cuz you're learning many things at once. Keep it up.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-07-2012

Trobino, Dennis - tnx for the support , guys. I'll do my very best.

ramalokee thats a clever idea. Actually, I was focusing on figuring out the face itself. (colors, perspective, proportions, values, volume-as in 3d space). The main problem is related to values and construction of the face in perspective(maybe I should do geometrically simplified studies?hmmm). Thats my 10 day goal for now. Figured out I should go back a bit, and then found out that I forgot the skull anatomy when I did a copy of Loomis' drawing of main head planes and then did a skull from memory over it.
Anyway, I'm about to hit the road for a 4 day seaside adventure, so I will try to rest and think about what should I tackle next...Just in case, I will bring my tiny sketchbook with me :) see you soon.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-19-2012


Some Loomis' copies, absorbing the flow of the movements, as well as proportions [attachment=5351]
Anatomy, revisited [attachment=5350]
3 point perspective with tilted horizon setup, first try ever [attachment=5352][attachment=5353]
Quick and rough note of an idea (Star Wars fans, don't execute me, ok? ;) )[attachment=5354]

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-19-2012

Some pencil doodles, mostly while traveling, palm size sketchbook :)


RE: Ci's sketchbook - DK - 08-19-2012

Ah, those Loomis studies are coming out great! Keep those up.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-19-2012

Once again- Dennis, tnx for the support, man. One quick environment before sleep[Image: travellers.jpg]

i promise more Loomis stuff tomorrow ;)

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-19-2012

Underground scene [attachment=5369] wip

RE: Ci's sketchbook - isra-ac - 08-19-2012

It's the first time I take a look at it but cool sketchbook, keep it up!

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-21-2012

Loomis, then referenced movements using his method

RE: Ci's sketchbook - DK - 08-21-2012

Good good. Try to do some gesture drawings using this method and then try using it in starting an illustration or character piece.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - ramalooke - 08-21-2012

Cool stuff lately. Try to spend more time on your images. Everytime you push your image to the next level of finish you learn a lot. Keep working.

RE: Ci's sketchbook - iCi - 08-21-2012

Tnx Dennis and tnx ramalooke. I will try my best, those are good pieces of advice. Anyway, I intended to do a character too see how it will work, but I was too tired, and this poop came out. Ah, well - to the crappy drawings pile...