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RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Warre - 10-05-2012

Nice self portrait, I think your mouth is strange, isn't it? :)

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-06-2012

Thanks Warre! Nah It's just the way I look :D

Some stuffz from the sketchbookz:
[Image: Sz0Lm.jpg][Image: ZQF85.jpg][Image: 2WfS0.jpg][Image: dKYa9.jpg][Image: s4wHe.jpg][Image: pbOD0.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-09-2012

Thanks Woofy! I'll try to :)
Some speedys:
[Image: 11xdt.jpg]
[Image: Gvvbg.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - atrenr - 10-09-2012

That battlefield piece looks really cool! Keep 'em coming! D5f02ecd

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-15-2012

Thanks atrenr. I really want to make some more digital sketches again besides from portraits and studies.

Some more sketches from my sketchbook. Except of the posemaniacs and the portrait are done from life.
[Image: me2BW.jpg][Image: ueKaS.jpg][Image: 2l5Ge.jpg][Image: TgB9P.jpg][Image: Q4w1q.jpg][Image: PKoqp.jpg][Image: 90fhF.jpg][Image: 2bsMN.jpg]

Cheers! :D

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-16-2012

Alright! Another self portrait and a failed attempt of making a cool castle environment thingy :dodgy:
[Image: iM9yo.jpg][Image: kTVUF.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - atrenr - 10-16-2012

I don't think you failed dude, I'd like to see it pushed further if anything!
Also, I didn't know Harvey Dent was a dagger :o

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - M-rahsart - 10-16-2012

Wonderful work.. I love the loose feel of the castles...

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-21-2012

Thanks atrenr. I just don't know how to improve the picture and how to push it further. I should do some studies of castles and architecture in general maybe then I know how to go on.
Thank you too M-rahsart!

Some new nudes from life and a sad zombie guy
[Image: FuuvQ.jpg]
[Image: SvLau.jpg][Image: xL0tm.jpg][Image: 7yu2w.jpg][Image: aqyT1.jpg][Image: UIc3T.jpg][Image: 8xiEw.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-22-2012

Another self portrait and a first sketch of a longer painting

[Image: dF9uW.jpg][Image: E6Ers.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-26-2012

sketchy and kind of wip
[Image: boKKy.jpg][Image: OSb3L.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-30-2012

Quick Update:
[Image: GyaXm.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - EduardoGaray - 10-30-2012

i can see some improvement in your last post, keep going mate!

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-01-2012

Thanks Eduardo! So I kept going and this is the final image as well as a study
[Image: 2whpD.jpg][Image: gl77D.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-04-2012

Reworked the fire guy and a bit more:
[Image: djxqf.jpg][Image: 6K1U7.jpg][Image: 6OSs7.jpg][Image: 7MsB5.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-09-2012

[Image: dhRd4.jpg][Image: Kw4ij.jpg][Image: wt477.jpg][Image: LzhIA.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-12-2012

[Image: bDYGj.jpg][Image: KKDWn.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-15-2012

Some more!
[Image: lagww.jpg][Image: t2KnL.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-18-2012

Finished the fire guy and sketched some poeplz
[Image: yjzfS.jpg]
[Image: 96hIM.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 11-19-2012

[Image: XOlL6.jpg]