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RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 01-07-2013

So what do you guys think? Does the quaggan need some more work or should I call him finished?
[Image: aDK50.jpg]
Veeeeeery quick sketchy thingy
[Image: ilHis.jpg]
Still working on this one, don't know why but I like the idea :D
[Image: z35Ad.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Jaik - 01-07-2013

Sweet sketchbook, some really nice colours in the last piece and that orb study thing, I have no idea what it is, but it looks amazing and I want one.. and the Brain painting is great, so many memories..

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 01-08-2013

Thanks alot Jaik! That orb thing is a antistress ball :). I loved Pinky and the Brain so much!

Alright some new lines and a quick study from life
[Image: twZhg.jpg]
[Image: AFCMS.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 01-14-2013

Sorry for the lack of updates but I got a lot to do for university :(
[Image: hcjk9.jpg]
[Image: g3oNU.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 01-21-2013

Not many new images but I'm still busy studying for exams.
First one is just a over painting of a screenshot I made on a Minecraft video.
The second is a WIP for the latest LoL contest, so if you spot any faults feel free tell me. :)
[Image: 1Qp87Kn.jpg]
[Image: ZYNrQee.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 01-27-2013

Just a quick update of the image
[Image: EkG6pdR.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Eleze - 01-27-2013

Waw, really cool sketchbook. The night scene is really cool, I like these vertical/straight structures that weight a lot on the image. Maybe give it more life by contrasting it and enhance the shadows because of the moonlight, but that's a very good work in progress.

I like the design of your steambot, you should give it dynamism by adding some action in this scene, like a "going to" action. Is it going to punch that bag?

Lovely studies you have there, and this exercise of doing circles, squares and straight lines is so sweet, I'll pick that up!

Good job Nyra :)

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-08-2013

Thanks Eleze.
Alright exams are over and it's time to revive this sketchbook.
[Image: kW4gSki.jpg]
[Image: akeTYJb.jpg][Image: vhZlpuW.jpg]
[Image: DG9cChQ.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-10-2013

Some Posemaniacs and a study of Woodkid's new video
[Image: wsOFP9z.jpg][Image: rKUOkpw.jpg][Image: f9kJvoE.jpg][Image: m30VacA.jpg][Image: NLO6Ujt.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-11-2013

Finished the colored one and more poses
[Image: CPYSFAX.jpg]
[Image: 3ExAAkz.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-12-2013

[Image: DZlJQdo.jpg]
[Image: 9Rb6Dvn.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - atrenr - 02-12-2013

Nice job on that lady study, good colors and values!

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-15-2013

Thanks atrenr! It turned out pretty nicely
[Image: mMRH78S.jpg]
[Image: qwh4hI8.jpg]
[Image: OLzkqRr.jpg]
[Image: 2oaeUpP.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-16-2013

and some more studies
[Image: lujgJs7.jpg]
[Image: hnGbwra.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-19-2013

a study and fairly quick scene
[Image: RDjTLCl.jpg]
[Image: 9t6Iz86.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-22-2013

More Pose:
[Image: TScbX5l.jpg]
[Image: Np7PP7D.jpg]
A quick one:
[Image: 2uaSKrB.jpg]
[Image: PsrRiWJ.jpg]
[Image: 83zhd69.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-26-2013


[Image: Bg9MVpF.jpg]
[Image: ert76I2.jpg]
[Image: zkZQ4CL.jpg]
[Image: VqtppR2.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 02-27-2013

[Image: rzD8HK5.jpg]
[Image: Ym1YkKl.jpg]
[Image: bjKbQoQ.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-02-2013

[Image: uBUjR7d.jpg]
[Image: 2g7dXOD.jpg]
[Image: 10KURsR.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-06-2013

[Image: 8gPuPc7.jpg]
[Image: Vf08kU4.jpg]
[Image: kQ36hDJ.jpg]
[Image: 05RjhVH.jpg]