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RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-09-2013

[Image: BVpUoAG.jpg]
[Image: 3tGxWhI.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-11-2013

It's a whawk! Oh, and a very quick color study.
[Image: M2fQsVF.jpg]
[Image: zpB9dHy.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-15-2013

[Image: Y0vrVkX.jpg]
[Image: 7zRG7ra.jpg]
[Image: SX3FGjV.jpg]
[Image: FKiLbrN.jpg]
[Image: pAghPft.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-18-2013

more studies!
[Image: WG74z2n.jpg]
[Image: mEcrsS6.jpg]
[Image: UQ75eld.jpg]
[Image: w3iZPnc.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 03-31-2013

[Image: USNRml2.jpg]
[Image: hdn94md.jpg]
[Image: f75I7w4.jpg]
[Image: spoHLdc.jpg]
[Image: VGbUI9c.jpg]
[Image: obzZlW2.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Toxicpanda - 03-31-2013

Your environment works are so impressive. What I really like is that you use dynamic composition, soft and atmospheric colors and with that black character it looks like a story. Great sketchbook :) Keep up with amazing work and have fun :D

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-03-2013

Thank you TP!

Some more poses and a WIP of an image I got stuck in my head for quite some time
[Image: zbu0eVP.jpg]
[Image: YrUsg93.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-05-2013

new study:
[Image: ff8SRao.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-06-2013

Still working every now and then on that scene. I really want to finish it one time.
[Image: vd8egox.jpg]
[Image: AuuRhh7.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-10-2013

WIP + Speedy
[Image: jYUcGMz.jpg]
[Image: gZdGRdt.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Finnjamin - 04-10-2013

Nyra, awesome work. Love that rainbow skull. Your dedication is awesome.

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-11-2013

Thanks a lot Fin!

[Image: q46ulWt.jpg]
[Image: 1IA79z2.jpg]
WIP from my first livestream:
[Image: l8EpHO0.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Jaik - 04-11-2013

awesome portrait a couple of posts back! and that sprite scene thingy is coming along nicely :) keep up the good work!

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-15-2013

Thanks a lot Jaik!

Some more poses and a armor practice from imagination
[Image: ZUMExqh.jpg]
[Image: 3GwPMl8.jpg]
[Image: SzF0BW5.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-20-2013

study study study
[Image: czt9dKj.jpg]
[Image: Kc0ZkE0.jpg]
[Image: 1BCSZ3W.jpg]
[Image: ItUcRA5.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-22-2013

Mission Accomplished! 1000 poses done
[Image: B2cgArf.jpg]
[Image: tbYR642.jpg]
[Image: qSRmrkx.jpg]
[Image: 9yVeTOM.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - la1uc - 04-22-2013

Nice gestures! and everything else! A lot of work. Jesus. I liked the blitz's punching bag haha that was funny. :) So yeah great work so far. I think your colors, compositions, values are pretty good. However! :D here it on that anatomy and constructing a figure! :) I mean I really like what I'm seeing here and that's the ONE thing that struck me as your biggest weakness. And we MUST! work on our weaknesses. Keep pushing!!!!

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-24-2013

Thank you la1uc. I will work on it I promise but for now I need a break from figures and poses :D

I finally finished this one:
[Image: XzgUIPK.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 04-27-2013

study study study

[Image: ZlXn9VD.jpg]
[Image: IgW8lCc.jpg][Image: QKijyzg.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-02-2013

[Image: tUDtbqS.jpg]
[Image: YkCTAtU.jpg][Image: 0ZshBW9.jpg]