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RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-05-2013

[Image: TzdXfRu.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-07-2013

I finally scanned in some sketches I did in the train or at the station from life with some other stuff
The size of one page is A5
[Image: SyiD92S.jpg]
[Image: 2WWbDW6.jpg]
[Image: 8lGl7VG.jpg]
[Image: kj7kDVC.jpg]
[Image: LTCXSMw.jpg]
[Image: bZplKQ8.jpg]
[Image: Buw4She.jpg]
[Image: YpkKMSC.jpg]
[Image: bNX4s4j.jpg]
[Image: IO3uZ3e.jpg]
[Image: UrvYfDv.jpg]
[Image: 3NaOpWg.jpg]
[Image: Nu9z342.jpg]
[Image: WKZ1WsQ.jpg]
[Image: Mr1HtKV.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Finnjamin - 05-07-2013

Yo NYRA! Your sketchbook is lookin' awesome! You're improving with those figure studies so much, it makes me want to get out in the world and draw. Your paintings are sweet too.

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-09-2013

Thank you Finn! You really need to try it, it's really fun even though some people look at you strangely when you draw them :D.

A study and worked some more on that girl
[Image: gFwjmCi.jpg]
[Image: W2Zbp5X.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-12-2013

Still working on the head. Fixing small things here and there and I'm still struggling with her hair to make them look like I imagine them...

[Image: FRTfVeV.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-19-2013

Working on a new image for a friend of mine and finished the head
[Image: vvxwKuK.jpg]
[Image: D0929lT.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - sker2 - 05-19-2013

nice stuff nyra..
i also like to sketch in stations and in the train... i find it to be the best practice for gesture..
i have a small suggestion for your gestures..
i saw that you started with 30sec..that's ok.. but i think you will learn a lot if you start with more time, like 90 sec... until you get comfortable... after that you can do 60 sec and so on..

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-23-2013

Thank you sker2! I will start with 90 sec again when I'm in the mood for it. For now I don't really feel like doing them.

Alright finished the one with the bike. Did it for a friend of mine. I always failed with the hands so I took the easy way out..-_-" I really need to study them! Also a new WIP

[Image: JhFsWZU.jpg]
[Image: OmwI9Af.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-24-2013

Alright started doing some 2min poses and man I really got to learn a lot!
Aaaand the finished frog, Herbert The Happy Frog.


[Image: hSwRnJC.jpg]
[Image: 9Xxo5xO.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-25-2013

After 3 hours of streaming:
[Image: HcEjJGQ.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 05-27-2013

Some poses without any time limit and a self portrait that escalated at the end a little bit...
[Image: 4oDxqft.jpg]
[Image: ZBR9i77.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 06-02-2013

[Image: 5pxyYY5.jpg]
[Image: noIBl0u.jpg]
[Image: K6tmMgi.jpg][Image: bXTefQZ.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 06-08-2013

[Image: VVyccNE.jpg]
[Image: xtGTmdL.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 06-16-2013

The first one is a WIP I propably abandon and a finished image:
[Image: s3msWMU.jpg]
[Image: hTDc5OB.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - razvanb08 - 06-16-2013

Great sketchbook! Enjoyed looking through it. I think some head proportion studies and some facial expression studies might help.
Good job, keep posting!

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 06-21-2013

Thanks raz! I really need to do some more figure studies and I'll do them when all the exams are over so I have more time!

The first one was supposed to be a speedpainting but I spend a little more time on it. The second one is a quick study for the last image, a pokefusion with dodou and squirtle (yes I jumped on the bandwagon :D)
[Image: vgMYK9m.jpg]
[Image: zu6A8Rz.jpg]
[Image: gi6kIvb.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - MajaD - 06-21-2013

Hey there, awesome improvement throughout the sketchbook! I love post #101, you absolutely killed that first enviro, great, great work. :)

You're also really disciplined with poses, there's no way I'd be patient enough to do that in the same amount. I'd just like to mention one thing which I see because I have the same problem - I know they're quick sketches, but sometimes you tend to shorten the figure as you go along, e.g. those ladies in #111 and #113, their heads and torsos match, but their legs are a bit short, and their feet are a bit small. It's not that big of a problem really because I guess these things will come to you naturally as you practice, but it's just something to keep in mind. :)

Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff, cheers! :)

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 06-27-2013

Thanks MajaD! I know that I do that some times and I need to pay more attention to it.

Here are a fashion study and 3 speedpaintings. The first two are done without undo, layers, brush effects or any filters. I want to learn how to shade and colorize without that help.

[Image: dbEXNUM.jpg]
[Image: c1XINKJ.jpg][Image: JaSuzPh.jpg]
[Image: 2HceqIa.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 07-02-2013

2 sketches and 2 studies:
[Image: t2PXHuw.jpg]
[Image: mqg7xeD.jpg]
[Image: OohXDAI.jpg]
[Image: jyT7tlU.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 07-21-2013

Finally all exams are over and I can concentrate on drawing again.
So here is a portrait from imagination, a quick sketch and a kind of sketch/speed painting as well as some figure studies. Do you have any advice how to study figure drawing efficiently? I really want to get into it.

[Image: xlsKhUJ.jpg]
[Image: CpXT8nB.jpg]
[Image: 2AVdt00.jpg]
[Image: wVrDrau.jpg]
[Image: jXhej0o.jpg]