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RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 08-04-2013

Concepts, studies and stuff :D
[Image: gRKrmBI.jpg]
[Image: 44gGekN.jpg]
[Image: kChFLpF.jpg]
[Image: pGtAUOU.jpg]
[Image: mWuDa5W.jpg]
[Image: KM9YR37.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 08-10-2013

More concept art, a gesture study and the third remake of an image I did 6 years ago
[Image: nr6yA8d.jpg]
[Image: IfVGrCP.jpg]
[Image: OgiKSJD.jpg]
[Image: VjvfVyA.jpg]
[Image: lOZx1Qo.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 08-17-2013

[Image: BBfP9qO.jpg]
[Image: soH14Qm.jpg]
[Image: KpjvWx5.jpg]
[Image: QGgKnwt.jpg]
[Image: q6bkgiJ.jpg]
[Image: Wuc7vGE.jpg]
[Image: JNi3hbl.jpg]
[Image: iqNbkxe.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 08-25-2013

Alright time to get an update in here!
[Image: 7O55htH.jpg]
[Image: Jwdc7df.jpg]
[Image: bTbyUd5.jpg]
[Image: DNsjBbV.jpg][Image: Q7x80sq.jpg][Image: ZZpHnq1.jpg]
15min each:
[Image: FjxkqO9.jpg][Image: 2ZMEwki.jpg][Image: YEYv33I.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 09-05-2013

update timmeee 2 speedpaintings one longer one and some 15min studys and one hand study
[Image: vp28YKV.jpg]

[Image: p7GYl0m.jpg]
[Image: 4Zonpcw.jpg]

15min each:
[Image: f10uOBq.jpg][Image: sxMEkcZ.jpg]
[Image: bvdeIjq.jpg][Image: HXXCTtj.jpg]
[Image: Xg8SSRB.jpg]

[Image: FDWJlws.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-04-2013

Did a lot of studies lately and many of them in my sketchbook but did not scan them yet so digital first
[Image: FOvyR1D.jpg]
[Image: D3ecNee.jpg][Image: ZYvenxy.jpg][Image: Cb0mojv.jpg][Image: rDZ4Sgz.jpg]

[Image: 9Mri8DN.jpg][Image: TmdoRVk.jpg][Image: XVLKteJ.jpg][Image: FOvRNvv.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-05-2013

part of my sketchbook
[Image: lT4Wjaz.jpg][Image: lk04Td7.jpg]
[Image: WPlG9AI.jpg][Image: NVHSqHl.jpg]
[Image: 4uDcXdd.jpg][Image: DzEn5is.jpg]
[Image: 38GBOSR.jpg][Image: WMdRIEh.jpg]
[Image: YgcuD6I.jpg][Image: MzugEp8.jpg]

RE: Nyra's Sketchbook - Nyra - 10-12-2013

[Image: aToN01d.jpg][Image: TjsmfEd.jpg]
[Image: oMqd2F7.jpg][Image: SGs4mhP.jpg]
[Image: 9l2DQAN.jpg][Image: Ijo9sGX.jpg]
[Image: jKhkEh1.jpg][Image: 6pa72L9.jpg]
[Image: YcnqlMg.jpg][Image: x2eez4z.jpg]