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RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 10-10-2012

It's been a while since I last posted.
I just have a little study of the armor of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.

[Image: B8I5.jpg]

(ref : )

These days, I've been improving my way of thinking design thanks to my school project.
We'll see what happens when I have the time to do personal work !

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - iCi - 10-10-2012

Keep working and posst more often, this stuff is very good. I'd like to see more personals.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 05-20-2013

iCi : Thanks a lot !

Long time since I've last psoted here.
I've been busy with my school project but it's almost finished.
My internship starts in a month so I will have more free time.

Some studies :

[Image: f5vwd.jpg]

[Image: nT5fu.jpg]

[Image: o5m.jpg]

[Image: SaDM9.jpg]

[Image: 15YH8.jpg]

[Image: RflAX.jpg]

2D Concept
[Image: XTjmO.jpg]

3D Concept (Yeah, I'm posting some 3D for the lack of 2D :B)

Few things I did on my school project (not all), science fiction game on the moon :

First version :
[Image: OvYoH.jpg]

Final Version :
[Image: G1aZs.jpg]

Mechanical arm for the bus station (video of the way it works )
[Image: ybons.jpg]

[Image: aQpeS.jpg] (3D Concept )

Altar + Dagger

[Image: aQUeq.jpg] (3D version )

[Image: 6x32W.jpg]

And I'm working on a personal project on Da Vinci right now.
After my internship I will be working on a project with some friends, hoping to make some money with it.
It would be great if I could live making games (: !

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 06-06-2013

Little update.
Artwork for my school project.

I'm still busy with the end of my project.
I hope that in 2 or 3 weeks I'll be able to post more often and watch some of your sketchbook!

[Image: VQve6.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 06-15-2013

Another artwork for my school project.
Trying to play with lights. (the design of the flying robot is not mine)

[Image: wZRYm.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - JhonnyVDB - 10-27-2013

nice dude, you got some great improvement! The sci-fi is getting good my friend, don't worry to much about it. I see you do the value studies aswell. I just love the studies and control of your textures. Keep it up!

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 10-28-2013

Thanks man !
I'm gonna restart doing these studies and try to apply them in a painting.

So, I set my goals in the deahtline forum.
I need to make two paintings a week and I have until the end of the year 2013 to improve my production rate.

I needed to finish some things and organize myself so this week won't count :p.

Some research I did for a little project.
It's supposed to be a sort of Godess. All the work is in the dress. Some of them have an evening dress feeling that I really don't like.
The word that desbribes her the most is elegancy.
I have a huge preference for the 7.

[Image: 771394HelFrise.jpg]

I will maybe do a painting of her with this artist as a reference
I really love his work.

And here is the painting I did this week
[Image: 425136gamblev2.jpg]

I have already received some great crits from Monkeybread (here )
But I did not have the time yet to make the modifications !

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 11-02-2013

So here is the study of this week.
Trying to work my color palette because I usually use too dark colors.
I will do a painting applying what I learned with the thumbnails I've done in the train !

[Image: 572704studymushroom.jpg]

And to finish the week, a little painting, trying to work the mood. I really have a ton of work to do.

[Image: 281902Monde1Test2.jpg]

I did not have the time to do my painting with the mushroom, I will try to do it this week.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 11-11-2013

I've got some studies this week

[Image: study_sanford_robinson_gifford_by_fincks-d6tb5wp.jpg]

[Image: study_sunset_beach_by_fincks-d6tlcof.jpg]

[Image: study_mood_1_by_fincks-d6tld3n.jpg]

[Image: study_mood_3_by_fincks-d6tnfa6.jpg]

Working more on environment with low focal point.
I figured my problem was that I don't know how to really start a painting in an effective way.
I like rendering the light/material, but it only comes in the end.
Putting down the shapes, the mood, the lighting and all, that's something I struggle with.
A painting is on the way, even if I'm really really struggling, but well, as I once read, you only get what you put into it.

[EDIT] Here is the painting
[Image: western_style_by_fincks-d6tsudj.jpg]

The main problem is the suggestion of rock texture.
It's very rough with too much brushwork.
And the composition is very static, not interesting, but I will deal with one problem at a time.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 11-12-2013

Hop, another painting :
[Image: unknown_by_fincks-d6tvnsx.jpg]

It's still very rough though, it could use an extra 30min.
I'm starting to like the lasso tool.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 11-18-2013

Second painting of the week :
[Image: monde_4_by_fincks-d6unc64.jpg]

Very rough, too blue, too dark, but not that bad.

I'm also doing quick studies to improve my understanding of forms and shapes.
With these I hope I can be more efficient when starting a painting.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 11-25-2013

Painting of the week
[Image: monde_3_by_fincks-d6v3wtx.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 12-10-2013

My photoshop crashed last week, and obviously, I hadn't save my work.
So here is the painting of this week, a bit late.

[Image: sketch_by_fincks-d6xcbu5.jpg]

I will maybe upload my colour studies later.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 01-27-2014

Ended my internship, finished school so I'm pretty much totally free right now.
I took some quick holidays doing nothing.

So here are some things I've done :

Some studies :

[Image: 140126091237155684.jpg]

[Image: 140126091023765061.jpg]
(Failed the composition, so I did not finished it)

[Image: painting_mid_range_landscape_2_by_fincks-d72oa32.jpg]

Too generic in the end. I still can't paint what's in my mind :
[Image: typical_scenery_2_by_fincks-d73a2bp.jpg]

I started with a hospital hallway, had a huge lack of inspiration so I ended up with this random abandoned place.
Just random training in the end :
[Image: abandoned_hallway_by_fincks-d73ttal.jpg]

I try to change the environment in each painting I make.
I'm still more confortable with forest and mountains.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Angel_Intheuk - 01-29-2014

Nice sketchbook Fincks, your environments/landscapes are particularly lovely.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 01-31-2014

Thanks Angel_Intheuk !

Here are some 15min studies to be more efficient when I start a painting.
I usually don't have all the infos set after 20min and it can easily backfire at me.
[Image: 555645Day1.jpg]

And 2 longer
[Image: 947238Study2urban.jpg]
[Image: 467814Study4urban.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 02-04-2014

Here's another painting :
[Image: painting_mid_range_landscape_2_by_fincks-d74prrf.jpg]

And some thumbs :
[Image: 528335thumbs1302.jpg]

And no speed study, 'cause they are really bad.
I'm not as spontaneous in my creativity as I would like but I'm way better than 2 months ago.
Now I need to find some theme, to put some design in my paintings, not just random things.

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 02-06-2014

+ two master studies (1/day) :

The first one is more of a crash test.
Without thinking, to see what doesnt' work.
It really lacks volume, so I tried to work it in the second one. Lots of things to learn from these old masters !

[Image: 879855MasterStudy1.jpg]

[Image: 916691MasterStudy2.jpg]

A wip that will stay like that. It's called noctilucent clouds, you can find them in the mesosphere.
But too much rendering for it to look good.

[Image: 965335MesosphereStormObservation.jpg]

And some 15min studies :

[Image: 940513592.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - Fincks - 02-10-2014

Some of the thumbnails I did this week
[Image: 153608thumbs130202.jpg]

And a painting
[Image: 215177Painting6midrangelandscapeV2.jpg]

RE: Fincks' sketchbook - pugsloth - 02-11-2014

I'd love to see you post more man, you said in your original post you're looking to be a concept artist but you're not posting much (makes me sad :( ), I know it can be hard with other priorities though!

Digging the thumbnails though! Very balanced (especially the top left one I feel) and those 15 minute studies are great.