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Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-25-2012

Hey everyone!

First, yes, Sula is the short of my real name, Ursula. Feel free to use it :)
Second: not going to flood this one with old images, but I will try and keep this updated with new stuff as much as possible.

Here are two recent ones thou:
From my enviro sketching class on CGMA:
[Image: UrsulaDorada-process-week7.jpg]

[Image: UrsulaDorada-tonal-week7.jpg]

And a quick, no ref one. After watching Vilppu's DVD on anatomy. Her nose is too long...

[Image: tumblr_lvi2ryemxD1qcy5svo1_r1_1280.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Zaphk - 01-25-2012

Hey, I know you hahah
Really like the environments! Hope to see more from you. ;)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-25-2012

Zaphk! You're here :D
And I am hoping I can pump out more, let's see.

This was my first ever painting from life. It's a WIP, hopefully nobody will move it until tomorrow night :p
Very messy, much harder than working from photos, but being harder is the point, right?
[Image: Life-painting-01.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - FlyByKnight - 01-26-2012

Really liking the environment and the portrait, great work!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Sprayah - 01-26-2012

Awesome face study, nose looks fine to me. I like the castle shot but the first thing to hit me is that it he architecture is lacking the the third point of perspective; where the top tapers up away from the viewer. Real easy to fix in PS....

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-26-2012

@FlybyKnight: thank you!

@Sprayah: Thank you :) The enviro was actually a 2 point perspective study for CGMA - I will try and do more on 3 points from now on. Enviros are really fun, I am glad I finally feel more comfortable with it. Still a long way to go, though.

And here is a little more polishing in yesterday's life painting. Onto the next study!
[Image: Life-painting-02.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-27-2012

I need to seriously stop making warcraft fanart man. I haven't played in 2 years, yet here I am.

[Image: Shadowmoon-valley-01.jpg]

Long time ago I received a crit on , asking me, if it's called shadowmoon valley, where is the valley? Well, here it is, or at least the first composition study of it. It is supposed to be a zoomed out version of this one:

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - alexson - 01-27-2012

Nice work! I think you can play around with the atmospheric perspective in the first black and white environment piece. Like darken the stuff that is closest to the viewer and push the difference in value with the castle vs. the background so there's a real sense of depth etc.
Keep up the good work!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-28-2012

@Alexson: Thank you man, I will look into it :)
I have been reading a bit about atmospheric pespective, it will be my next study.

And here is today's. Photo study, ref:
It's a wip, going to polish it a lot more tomorrow.

[Image: Photo-study-01.jpg]

I lost some of the gestures and softness of the expression, going to work on that too.

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - DK - 01-28-2012

That last study is looking pretty good in terms of value. Just some problems with measuring.

Here's a small trick to see if you got the measuring right. Along with planes to help you map the shadows. Hope it helps.

[Image: Measuring.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Mattias Fahlberg - 01-28-2012

I like it! :)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-28-2012

@Kutsenko: that was amazing, thank you! Just one question: I usually eyeball stuff (like you can see), but I don't know if that's how I supposed to be doing it. This "grid" you showed me, it's just for checking or it's something I should use consistently before I begin drawing?

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - DK - 01-29-2012

You can use the grid whenever you want. It's good to have a well measured piece from the very beginning than to have to keep struggling with the drawing. It's definitely a time saver in the long run and you're still going to be learning color, light, value and drawing with or without it. Keep up the great work!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-29-2012

Thank you very much Kustensko, I will fix it tonight :) That was awesome.

And well, yeah, my shape perception is really shitty. I am not sure how to improve on that, so I did few more studies from photos. (Refs and )

Dang, they are screwed up. If anyone know any exercise for accuracy, please let me know, I will gladly take them.

[Image: Photo-study-02.jpg]

Now onto yesterday's photo study.

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-29-2012

Yay, much happier about it now :)
Definitely going to sketch more using grid, it was very enlightening.

Restarted this one from scratch, if you're wondering why the colors are different.
[Image: Photo-study-03.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Conny Nordlund - 01-29-2012

Oh hey, looks a lot better!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 01-30-2012

@Conny: Thank you man :) gotta keep trying!

Ok. First, a small dump of the brainstorms and quick studies I did for the bloodsports 4 challenge, but I wasn't able to finish in time. Damn real life :p

[Image: BSC4-01.jpg]
[Image: BSC4-02.jpg]
[Image: BSC4-03.jpg]
[Image: BSC4-04.jpg]

Aaaand okay.
Here is a little experiment I worked on today. First I did a sketch eyeballing, like I would usually do. Then I used the grid, then I reword it once more with a new shape perception.
Not sure about the results though - I have been doing daily gestures sketchs, seems I am a bit better at drawing bodies in general, I will need to focus on faces and environments.

Oh, and here is the ref:
[Image: Grid-1A.jpg]
[Image: Grid-1B.jpg]
[Image: Grid-1C.jpg]

Going to do one more today, on a face now. Let's see :)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Orsvend - 01-30-2012

I actually like the one without the grid more =p The forms are a tad more excaggarated (is that the correct spelling?). All inn all great work!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 02-06-2012

Hey guys, pretty busy week for me, this one.
So here have some sketches done for fun during the week.

@Orsvend: yeah, I know what you mean. That last post actually trigged a long discussion with my peers - I should use the grid more of aid my perception of stuff than to draw finished pics, and we all agreed on that. :)

[Image: SB-01.jpg]
[Image: SB-02.jpg]
[Image: SB-03.jpg]
[Image: SB-04.jpg]
[Image: SB-05.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Chavreaper - 02-06-2012

Lovin the sketches and studies