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RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-19-2013

@Veneq: hahah you know the trailer for Thor 2 debuts next week right? Be prepared hahah xD

[Image: Photo-study-49.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-20-2013

[Image: Photo-study-50.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-21-2013


[Image: Photo-study-51.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - JakeB - 04-21-2013

Studies are looking great Sula, and that elf portrait on the last page was awesome :). Keep it coming.
I'd love to see some more imagination stuff from you if you've got time, keep doing what you're doing though :)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-22-2013

@JakeB: Thanks man! I am working on a bigger piece, trying to keep that one closer to chest for now. Should be done soon :D I also miss my pencils, I should get them in there somwhere again...

[Image: Photo-study-52.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-23-2013


[Image: Photo-study-53.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - JakeB - 04-23-2013

Ah ok, awesome. I look forward to seeing it when it's done then. the studies are looking solid :).
And yeah, your pencil stuff always looked sweet, wouldn't hurt to bring a little back ;)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-25-2013

@JakeB: Thanks man :D And yay!

(quick and dirty, deadlines approaching)
[Image: Photo-study-54.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - iCi - 04-25-2013

Hey keep it up, nice work! Try playing around with hard edges, I know you tried it before :)

Also, I saw you were streaming, awesome!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-29-2013

@iCi: I will address that asap, now that I have finish what I had to finish. Thanks man :D

Here, let's roll. Quite proud of the values on this one, this is probably my best result so far.

[Image: King-Dodongo-Color04.jpg]

[Image: King-Dodongo-values.jpg]
[Image: King-Dodongo-sketch02.jpg]

Aye, it's up:

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-29-2013

Aaand a daily study.
[Image: Photo-study-55.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 04-30-2013

(mwhaha yes I am silly)

[Image: Photo-study-56.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - pearwood - 04-30-2013

Nice work, Sula. The colors in your studies keep getting closer to the originals.

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - matt_radway - 04-30-2013

nice SB! I love that dodongo piece, you really nailed mouth on it! Keep it up! :D

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - JakeB - 04-30-2013

The link piece is so sweet. Awesome job :)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 05-02-2013

@Pearwood: thanks :D
@Matt: Thanks man :D
@Jake: Thank you <3

[Image: Photo-study-57.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - hamoomy - 05-02-2013

wow!!! looking at all these awesome studies gets me inspired to paint more :D love it !

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Chavreaper - 05-02-2013

Sweet jeebus that Link piece is friggin awesome ^^ Cheers for the inspiration!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 05-03-2013

@Hamoomy: Thank you <3
@Chavreaper: Yay! Glad you like it :D

[Image: Photo-study-58.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Lumens - 05-03-2013

Fuck yeah Dodongo! this is my fav rendition i've seen of him yet.