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RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-04-2013

@Atrenr: haha the underpainting is still the best part :p still long ways to go before the actual color doesn't destroy everything...

But hey.
Here it is, another step in my first acrylics portrait. I want to do another shadow pass at it, but it needs to dry now, and tomorrow it's back to freelance full time, so I don't know when I am going to be able to finish it...

Last step before colors and 1st pass of colors:
[Image: Acrylics-16.jpg]
[Image: Acrylics-17.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Warburton - 11-05-2013

Amazing stuff as always Sula, acrylic portraits look really hard :0 How do you paint a portrait without the ctrl + z lol :p

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-11-2013

@Warburton: Haha yeah, the ctrl+T and liquify are also something I was longing for hahah
Well, I have a lot to try with traditional. i just got mu hands on Draw Struzan's Hellboy's making of video. It was amazing. I have THIS lot more to try now.

And I also got to sneak in a bit of fanart during this last hours of Sunday <3
[Image: SB-226.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Wolkenfels - 11-11-2013

aawww.. that fanart is fantastic!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-13-2013

@Wolken: <3 Thank you hehe

Watch as my sketchbook slowly turns into a pile of sketchs done during stolen time
[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-51.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-21-2013

[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-52.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - BenFlores - 11-21-2013

this last portrait is awesome. i need to learn how to draw faces now, thanks for the constant motivation !

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-23-2013

@BenFlores: thanks man! :D And yay!

Here, more stuff I shouldn't be doing
[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-53.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Lyraina - 11-23-2013

That stuff you shouldn't be doing is quite hot though :p

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Flo - 11-25-2013

wow, your acrylics look great.

sorry I dont know a lot about acrylics so no crits this time. ^^

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-25-2013

@Lyraina: ahah I'll never stop using Hiddleston as reference anymore :p
@Flo: Thanks! Haha it's still quite messy though. I have no idea what I am doing..

Which lead to this:
[Image: Acrylics-18.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-26-2013

[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-54.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - zakknroll - 11-26-2013

Aewsome traditional paintings.

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Lyraina - 11-26-2013

Ooooh. I like that last one. I need to learn how to paint guys! D:
How long do those 'I should be sleeping insead' paintings take you?
Just stick with the traditional paintings, eventually you'll figure out what you're doing I guess :p In my eyes you're already quite advanced!

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - JakeB - 11-27-2013

Ahhhh, it all looks so good. Massive fan of your pencil work. The portraits look sweet too (acrylic and digital). Awesome work Sula :)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - smrr - 11-28-2013

Wow. This last one, my goodness. So juicy-! (probably the strangest way to describe a painting thus far :P)

And wonderful work with the traditional media!
I'm lovin' the Tentacool too ^ ^

Man, you kick sooooo much ass with portraits and characters <3

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Ursula Dorada - 11-29-2013

Aww thanks guys <3
@Zakk: thanks :p Gotta keep trying.
@Lyraina: Thank you <3 It took around 1h30-2hish? So yeah, it takes a toll on my sleeping schedule lol. The thing about the traditional painting is that I do know some of the results I am looking for, but I am struggling for control with the media. I do think it's part of my digital experience showing through, but mostly, the finish is terrible hahah
@jake: <3 yay, thank you!
@Smrrfette: <3 haha yay! Actually juicy is a perfect word for it. I may be doing something right :) (that guy is a water-fae, so he is literally dripping water at all times heh).

Here is the salvageable sketch for today:
[Image: SB-227.jpg]

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Adam Lina - 11-29-2013

Wonderful sketch book you have! What a beautifully drawn piece that last one is. She sure has some nicely shaped... horns.

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - ramalooke - 11-29-2013

Dat portraits! Dat sketches! Mother of art @[email protected] Sweet stuff Sula, hope to see more soon ;)

RE: Sula's Sketchbook - Jonesoda - 11-30-2013

Dang, how I love your sketchbook Sula! Them pencils are beautiful!