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RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - smrr - 10-08-2015

Hell yesssss Trigger! The simple shapes and persepctive are everything ;) ;)

I appreciate that you appreciate the wild wonders of simple shape. Seriously!!! So many people are overlooking these fundamental skills and it sucks!

Your figures are looking better already after training like this!

Also, I love that you're drawing :D

you're turning beast! Keep at it buddy-! You've got thisssss~!

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 10-10-2015

Thanks Smrr, yeah i've noticed doing these shapes is helping out alot with my understanding of simplifying figures down, especially these foreshortening ones.

Been doing more foreshortened figures and shapes.

I've relized it seems to be the overlapping or really extreme foreshortening that gives me issues, stuff like crouching or a hand being reached out far, general up or down shots don't give me too much trouble so i'm gonna focus my efforts on the former two.

Also...if its not evident...yes I have been playing too much metal gear XD.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - IrishWhiskey - 10-10-2015

Hey Trigger! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I didn't know you were here too!  Shock

Man its great to see so much pencil work in a sketchbook. the amount of figures and simple shape practice is truly inspiring.  11 pages? how did I not see your sketchbook before! 

I suck at giving advise but i think you would benefit from putting a rough ground plane on your figure practice just so they look more stable while your sketching. It kind of looks like they are all mid air (i know some actually are) but a ground plane brings them down to earth and really adds life.

I'm not sure about that advise so please forgive me if i sound like a jacka**  Blushing

Anyway I hope to see more From the Pig King!

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 10-13-2015

Yo whiskey!

Don't really have a choice with the pencil work tbh, tablets broken XD, though it feels great to focus on it like this, it's like putting hard mode on to your drawings.

Thanks for the advice ( ya jackass :P ) on the groud plane, not sure if I did it right but it does make it feel a bit more stable I think, i'll keep trying to remember to add it.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Bookend - 10-15-2015

Trigger! Your figures are really getting good! Very fluid lines, well constructed anatomy-- I can tell you're getting confident. Keep working hard man! Thumbs_up

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 10-15-2015

Cheers man, i'm still having issues with some types of poses but I think i'm getting better, just need to start applying it to imagination more :).

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Bookend - 10-15-2015

Yep-- Don't be afraid of doodling, dude. Saves you a lot of time later, trust me, haha. Grin

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - EduardoGaray - 10-19-2015

duuude thats it! :D you got it, so nice to see you drawing by deconstructing the anatomy instead of just drawing lines. I can see you are still struggling with proportions, but thats only a matter of practice.
You hace leveled up a lot recently, so keep hammering these studies, and like booked says keep doodling. :)

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - smrr - 10-20-2015

holy shit holy shit! you're doing it! :D
craaaaaaaaaaap you're making me feel bad lmao

It'll be cool if you could mark the figures that you've done with imagination down, because dayum

I'll be back here for sure Trigger! Keep doing you! o/

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 10-22-2015

Smrr:thanks!, actually I don't think any of them were done with imagination lol(Exactly why I need to do it more), I usually mark or say the ones that are from imagination.

Eduardo:cheers dude, yeah i'm generally having proportion issues with the figures that are more foreshortened or crouching, sometimes I just try to generally proportion it so as to get it more gestural but i'm gonna try and do more of these full studies as well.

Bookend:Yep, already trying to do it more, it's weird how my brain reacts to it though after all this time lol, like even with reffed ideas my brain just goes nope! not copying from ref this is wrong! XD and i'm struggling to not criticize everything line I draw XD. That and trying to come up with ideas has been difficult as well, defineitly somethign i'm gonna focus on for a while.
trying to draw from imagination for about 2-3 hours of my drawing time a day(which is usually 4-6 hours) for a little while.

Can't update atm as I can't use the scanner atm, I mean I could use my phone but i'd rather use the scanner for better quality and because my phone is an annoying piece of crap to get it to register when plugged into the pc.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 10-29-2015

Finally got my new scanner! so heres a massive dump of art crap.

think i've got a pretty good handle on cubes now,  I might draw more soon but for the time being I think I can draw them fairly well.

Still need some practice with these, I can draw them well  when the oval is really small but i think it falls apart a bit after I tilt it more, probbly a bit contributer to my terrible foreshortening skills.

messed around with building 3d objects.

Random imagination doodles, so many problems with these XD, on retrospective think i'm pushin the neck out too much on these.

and foreshortened figures

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 11-04-2015

Anyone watch Ash vs the Evil dead over halloween?
Fuckin loved it, and now I can't stop listening to space truckin XD.

Gestures, a proko assignment and did some imagination heads(and Steven universe fanart) from sycra's unique characters vid, gonna try doing full bodies tommorow. not happy with how Garnet(afro hair) turned out but eh it was fun anyway(also amethyst is a bit derpy XD).

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 11-08-2015

Did the next proko assignment and some more imagination stuff some following the sycra vid...terribly XD, gonna try to do some longer imagination pictures soon as well as these are sorta just 10-20 mins each.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 11-10-2015

quick update,

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 11-14-2015

Quick  update
I'm working on alot of the proko stuff and studying hands recently but can anyone point out stuff they think i need to improve on? i'm trying to write down a list of skills to gradually go through.
Gonna move on from the proko spines, think i've gotten the hang of them, first page and the marked ones are from ref while the rest are from imagination.

Also hand studies, followed by application.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 11-17-2015

Tired as fuck but for some reason my brains like nope, fuck you no sleep so quickly updating XD.

Working on a small project, gonna draw an overgrown robot in the woods and see how far I can take it.

idea started differently with some messed up wood creatures with roots but on the 4th one I changed it to the current idea.

did some random studies of other artists robots and moss, also some unrelated anatomy doodling. I have a page of application for these studies but the page is'nt finished yet so i'll upload it next time.

some anatomy crap and proko -the red one was corrected anatomy from reference..feel like i've gotten worse at anatomy tbh XD.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Adam Lina - 11-17-2015

You're on the right track with your figures. Just keep working on construction and always keep the horizon line in mind. It easy to forget about where the viewer is in relation to the subject. Also think about the ground plain and how the weight distributes to each leg.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 12-02-2015

Cheers adam, yeah I keep forgetting about the horizon line and weight, i'll need to write it down.

Have'nt got much drawing done recently rl issues has hit me like a truck lately.

pelvis studies for proko, having alot of difficulty drawing them but i'm getting better.

also ref studies of robots and trees and application, i'll do some more though these were done about two weeks ago.

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Bookend - 12-04-2015

I know I already said it on the Revolver's thread, but your work's looking great! You're really keeping the lines tight and clean. Keep working at it. Thumbs_up You got this!

RE: The Sketchy Sketchbook of ....Sketchyness!! - Triggerpigking - 12-14-2015

Bookend:Cheers man, yeah despite my issues with my improvement from imagination I feel i've improved alot mechanically atm, i've been doing this and cycling through them for 10 mins before I draw and I think it's helped alot, i'd really reccomend it.

Once again have'nt drawn much, i'm gonna try to start drawing 3 hours a day but i've got alot of stress atm, jobseeking and also doing an online animal care course, anyway i'm trying to spend my first hour of drawing each day doing something from imagination, if not completely from it then using ref sparingly, I won't upload them all and i'm not exactly trying to make something good just trying to have fun with it again and get my imaginative gears grinding again after all this time.

Firstly muffet from undertale, best godamn miniboss, probbly gonna draw more undertale been trying to draw mettaton as well.

i'm improving slowly at these pelvises, don't know why i'm having so many issues with them wondering if it'd be better to try finding a simpler method of drawing them because atm I can't see myself using it in a drawing to simplify the pelvis.

sci-fi project, gonna do a draft for the final picture next as I think i've studied and applied enough. first page is from imagination and the other the reference, think the head is a bit to similair though.