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Dawn's Summer Brain Fart - dawndundundun - 07-12-2013

Hey Everyone!

Really excited to join in on this, sounds super awesome!

Here are a few sketches of a character i started working on and am building a world around.

Came up with sort of a last beer monk super hero guy, loosely based/inspired by the Brother Thelonius beer I was drinking one night. Ive just been sketching out ideas and anything from that world really...

So..heres brother gregorious!

Also coming, sketches of the Hoppy, the ipa drinking rabbit.

RE: Dawn's Summer Brain Fart - Amit Dutta - 07-15-2013

Craft beer inspired project, what could be better? Also are you Dawn from CGMA enviro design 1 that just finished a few weeks ago? I'm Amit... :)

RE: Dawn's Summer Brain Fart - Nimao - 07-24-2013

cant wait for more ;O

RE: Dawn's Summer Brain Fart - ajay11 - 11-14-2015

Sky and Jason got SSundee, Jerome, and Deadlox to help them save Dawn. ..... "You ever thought of those times where you had like a massive brain fart?