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Pyro Marines - Archon - 08-28-2013

Hey guys,
<I already have a "critique this please" thread but I`m not very familiar with this forum`s rules so I decided to create a new topic for this... If I shouldn`t have, I`ll go ahead and delete this one and update the old one.>

[Image: fire_project_by_enruin-d6jyuw6.png]

Any suggestions for the pic are appreciated! :)

RE: Pyro Marines - darktiste - 08-28-2013

ok so the gauntlet seem confusing to me and the light on is suit i don't see there fonction the are rather useless i would see them on the shoulder or on the gauntlet
and why is one of the gauntlet is connected and the other is not
adding some flame effect could be interesting
some gaz module
a anti fire device
or some kind of millitary faction sign
the color for the suit in my opinion is not original at all
one last question why do he need to be so muscular

RE: Pyro Marines - Jonas Jerde - 08-28-2013

Things don't always need to have a clear function, as long as it looks cool (and not totally crazy)... I think the lights look fine. Some sort of mechanical or metal texture on the armor would be nice as it looks very soft right now. Adding some specular highlights would help with this as well. Also, I think the gauntlet with the cord should somehow differ from the other one. making it bigger with some attachments or something would help explain why the cord is there. Lastly, I would incorporate some of the silver from his hands onto the chest/legs somewhere just so they fit in a little better with the rest of the design. Oh, and agree that it might be cool if you found a way to put that fire logo somewhere on your character.

RE: Pyro Marines - Archon - 08-28-2013

I think you guys are right pretty much about everything ;D
The cabel thingy was not intended to be there, I added it in the last moment because I thought it looked cool and gives the character a bit of diversity. That`s why I didn`t have any gas attatchments or a different gauntlet. About the fire logo, I wanted to put it somewhere on him but I couldn`t get the perspective to look 100% right and it didn`t quite fit as well so I decided I`d just show it as a 'bonus' and that`s it. I have a pic with an added flame effect but I can`t really draw fire: So I just decided to leave it like the first one.
About the muscular thingy - I just wanted his form to be somehow carrot type like, his armor ended up looking *ripped* ;D
About the silver from his hands onto the body - Yes, I totally agree with this!

I`m very glad there aren`t any anatomy critiques because in my mind this is the goal I`ve set - I wanted my character well positioned without many *in the eye* anatomy and proportions mistakes, the design was a background thingy for me. Still, if there are any, please share them!

Thank you very much for the time spent!

RE: Pyro Marines - Jonas Jerde - 08-29-2013

I assume that this character is supposed to be somewhat stylized/cartoony. That would explain the exaggerated anatomy. If not, I would say that the legs need to be longer and thicker (especially the thighs/hips on the left character). The end of the hands should basically mach up with the middle of the thigh. Also the way the character on the right is standing makes him look kind of fat. His legs look like they are up a lot farther than the ones on the left character. See how the black area of the right character's stomach is so much smaller? since they both have their chests pulled back a little, I think that this area would be close to the same on both. I would stretch the bottom half of his body down a little and maybe push his but back to help with this.