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long hard road out of hell ! - satoshiDsaito - 10-13-2013

umm .. hello every one ^^
so first things first . introduction ....

I'm 19 but for sure I'll get older I'm not a vampire anyway hehehe .. i can't remember when exactly i started drawing .. well nobody does .. every body had been drawing when they were little children but i can say that i always loved drawing ... though everything i would do was copying other pictures (tracing actually) and i was so glad of myself ...

but as a serious work i started it since around 3 years ago (though i didn't draw anything for a year) .. and i started digital art since a year ago ..

so now i really want to become a great artist (just like every body else :/) .. i am trying to be a game artist ... so here I'll post my every day's sketches ... that's all :)

any comment and critique is welcome ...