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RE: Meat House - meat - 03-24-2015

Thanks mates! Alright just some studies and attempts at painting/coloring a full scene.

RE: Meat House - Adrian - 03-24-2015

man those animal studies lookin really gewd.

So jelly ... can't use that book fo shit ... so I've managed to order the weatherly one instead. My problem with books tho is that I can't have them sit straight so I can work properly from them on digital. I wonder if something like that exists .. to hold books up lol. I can only think of something similar for musical notes or something like that.

Anywho , keep at it !

RE: Meat House - meat - 03-24-2015

(03-24-2015, 03:48 PM)Adrian Wrote: man those animal studies lookin really gewd.

So jelly ... can't use that book fo shit ... so I've managed to order the weatherly one instead. My problem with books tho is that I can't have them sit straight so I can work properly from them on digital. I wonder if something like that exists .. to hold books up lol. I can only think of something similar for musical notes or something like that.

Anywho , keep at it !

Thanks man! Do you have a chunk of clay or those grey, shape-able erasers? Use something heavy and tall for back, then keep the book in place with the clay or kneaded eraser. If the pages starts to turn, put rubber band around it. See if that works.

RE: Meat House - Amit Dutta - 03-25-2015

Awesome studies man. I'd love to see a finished piece based on those! Great work on the forest scenes. I can totally see the last two in a children's book or a point and click or something like that. :)

One thing I had an idea on ages ago, was to do an illustrative digest of all (some, way too many to draw) the animals that have gone extinct in the last hundred years due to man, and the ones coming up fast to be added on the list, since we may be in the beginning of a 6th mass extinction event (75%+ of species die off) in the next 500 years or so.
Thought it would be a great project. I'm not going to be doing it anytime soon so you can use the idea if it helps you focus on some linked work that will get into your folio? Could even be Kickstarter or Patreon worthy. Just a thought.

RE: Meat House - naive.super - 03-25-2015

Hey Awesome studies. Looks like your learning a lot with the practices your doing.

Interesting stuff about the use of line. Is that from a book? I'm interested in learning more of that stuff too.

Keep it up. Inspiring work :)

ah, just read your previous post. Need to pick up that Hultgren book :)

RE: Meat House - meat - 03-27-2015

Amit: There was a project like that actually, although I forgot where I saw it. It was a group of natural science illustrator doing it. That's a cool idea though...!
naive.super: Thanks mate! It's from Ken Hultgren's The Art of Animal Drawing.

Took the thumbs a bit further. And another page of animal studies I can't be bothered to scan.

RE: Meat House - meat - 03-28-2015

RE: Meat House - Adrian - 03-30-2015

oh my ... violin of death D:

pretty damn nice man. Also dammitt ..every time I come here I see those nice animal studies and the damn book didn't arrive yet >:V

RE: Meat House - LaleAnn - 03-31-2015

Good stuff man! Those animal studies are killing it! e.e Really liking your line work a lot there and on the "seasons" thingie.

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-04-2015

Adrian: Thanks mate! Be patient, while you wait for the animal anatomy, you're surpassing me in human anatomy :D

LaleAnn: That's because the line art isn't mine! LOL! I found it online and color it multiple times.
Just a few more studies from Hultgren book. I skipped a few pages ahead to more lively drawings, and copied the pose but changing the animal, at the same time working out that imagination muscle at last. What's evident now is my imaginary drawing style is still stuck at the same level as it used to be in high school, which need to change.

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 04-04-2015

Is this…. a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte I am seeing there?! :D Lol!

Man, I love your sketchbook pages. You really seem to have fun with that animal drawing book, and it’s showing :) Great job at drawing more of your own designs now as well, and in full color too… keep it uuup, I wanna see more~
Badass dragon is badass.

You’re picking up a lot of energy and life from those sketches you’re studying… one thing I found helpful to do in order to preserve those positive attributes (like energy in a drawing) for later drawings that you might do from life, photographs or imagination, is doing some life/photo/imagination drawings *right* after you did your studies from the book. So that your hand/brain still are in the „flow“ of copying drawings full of energy, remembering what you just did (in terms of stretch, squash, „feel your drawings“ etc) and now do it on your own, from other sources. Making it yours, basically. I hope that made sense… struggling a bit with getting my point across here D:

Keep it up, keep it up~ 

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-04-2015

Lyraina : Why yes, yes it is a @#(*$34%#*$ (censored mangled pronunciation) you're seeing there. There was a cupcake version.

That is a good idea I've not thought of trying - do a normally stiff drawing right after this study. That's like loosening up first thing in the morning with gestures or fun doodles, except in my case I can't loosen up on my own yet, so it's kind of reverse, lol! Whatever works! Now if I can just turn that dragon in to 3d....

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-05-2015

After warm up and moving into more of a idgd attitude thumb nails came a tiny bit easier but struggled towards the last 2 anyway.

*b/w version replaced by below*

[edit] color'd

RE: Meat House - StardustLarva - 04-06-2015

Heya there, Meat. I can already see some improvement in those thumbnails there, they definitely look a little less stiff. I love them, particularly the larva-like one to the lower right. :3

Keep up the excellent work!

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-21-2015

hey Stardust, thanks mate!

Still working on a bunch of creatures, and a big thank and then some to Lyraina for your help on them! For now, just more studies from Ken Hultgren's book. Been doing absolutely nothing but work and art studies for a couple of months.

The thumbnails narrowed based on votes received.

RE: Meat House - meat - 05-04-2015

Just some more anatomy studies from Hultgren's book. I'm not finishing that book as fast as I thought I would. Typical.

Couple of sad attempts at plein air. Learned a few things, mostly about human frailty when exposed to weather and the natural process of absorbing vitamin D.

Most of the time I'm still trying to work/finish Creature A, who is now named Mr. Itchy. I was hoping to have that finished and update-worthy by now. Again, typical. Badger spoke truth when he said everything takes 3x longer than you think it will.

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 05-04-2015

Judging time needed for a project, and sticking to that schedule is just another skill that can be learnt. You're exploring new techniques and territory with Mr. Itchy, and doing a good job with him in the process, so don't worry too much about going over time. Just make sure you keep pushing, and don't allow yourself making excuses for not swallowing that frog. Every 30 minute block you can squeeze in somewhere will get you to the next creature quicker!
As for the anatomy studies, I admire your perseverance. Again, it's not about speed - constant dripping wears away the stone. … Maybe imagine me coming up with some smarter or more creative metaphor here…

Plein air, good job!!! :) Also, OOooooooohhhh~ ~ ~ that dandelion ~ ~ ~ I like it ;)
…vitamin D is important.

Keep it up, meat!

RE: Meat House - meat - 05-05-2015

Lyra: Many thanks to you for regularly checking in to prevent me from giving up like I always did. Mr. Itchy would not be here today without your help, and he sent his thanks along with 2 blue eggs for your morning mirror eggs.


Right! So Racnor, the Crimson Revolver challenge Racnor creature round, run by pnate, from forever ago. The main concept painting is finished. I still want to do a few line drawings of hatch-ling, and an idea of habitat or behaviors. But right now I'm going to show this rare specimen of a finished painting off, then go sleep.

The crystals kicked my arse. The scales kicked my arse. The lighting in photoshop kicked my arse - especially when I keep thinking how I'd just do it on paper. The thumb-nail producing process kicked my arse. In fact the only thing that didn't kick my arse are the 2 eggs. But Mr Itchy is itching to be done and over with. There will be more.

[Image: yen-shu-liao-1.jpg?1431903493]

RE: Meat House - Amit Dutta - 05-05-2015

Keep going man. Brilliant studies, are you gonna do a final illustration of a horse sometime now? :)
I loved the dandelion painting too.

RE: Meat House - KurtJeremy - 05-06-2015

Holy schmao , I love your creatures man! Inspiring stuff. Ever tried drawing animals from real life?
Its a challenge I find insurmountable but truly rewarding.