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RE: Meat House - meat - 09-01-2015

Angelique: You know I count on you to poke at me about their functions and world in Hangout *thumb up* Lol, I try... but sometimes I haven't the faintest clue, or just want to make something that's more fun/cool than it-works. ....Magic....


More examples from the newest batch of thumbnail designs. The Space Penguin is a temporary name I gave to this fun design based on a critter my girlfriend studied quite a bit back in grad school. Something about beheading them and squeezing their juice out…. It’s science. She says they grow spiky helmets and armor when sensing danger, so I established the base as Freckles, and they have a society, and they craft and wear many different types of armor. Space Penguin Warriors!

This is a lazy study of a leaf hopper from a library book I took out. I couldn’t be bothered to paint all the legs.

This confused fellow is the result of a themed concept artist meet up I went to. I found out what a paint marker is!

It's impossible to be everywhere and do everything. Contributing back to a community and keeping it going to too much work and time taken out of getting good.... would it be better to lurk and improve, then just move on to lurk elsewhere from one art community to the next when the previous one dies off from inactivity? After all, when I'm a better skilled artist, I can help a fellow artist better and give better feedback, when I do help and give feedback at some point. That is a tantalizingly legit argument I hear...

On the other hand, what on Earth are you doing still acting like an amateur after all these years, Self? Perpetuating this miserable sham of a 'struggle' that goes nowhere. Get a grip and work on it, and stop qualifying yourself for snuffing out!

How real are those health and safety warning labels on these traditional stuff anyway?

... I think it's time to don those real headphones with real outside noise-blocking abilities. Get more uses out of them before they break and I will have to shell out another $80 to pretend I have a private room.

RE: Meat House - crackedskull - 09-01-2015

Nice bugs and plants :D
I would totally eat that muffin.

RE: Meat House - Cyprinus - 09-01-2015

I really, really dig your little creatures. They look so good in just pen and marker. Great work!

RE: Meat House - Punk-A-Cat - 09-01-2015

That last concept sketch.. wow.. digging the wee creatures too :D

RE: Meat House - Adam Lina - 09-02-2015

Very cool creatures. I want to see more space penguins!

RE: Meat House - meat - 09-07-2015

Cracked: *Splits half with you* It was the tiniest muffin the size of a table tennis ball... but the full size one was 6 USD. 
Cyprinus: Thanks! Going to do a batch more, and hope a few more good ones come out again. :)
Punk: Thanks Punk! That last concept was actually a big borrow from Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined. :D
Adam: Thanks Adam! I'll get on those Space Penguins...


Haven't got much done this week outside of the daily studies and some more thumbnails too loose to post about. I hate to admit a common cold/flu had any influence over me for a whole week... but it sort of did, and the best advice I got was drink a lot, rest well, and simply let it run its course. It's running a marathon. Maybe it should leave me alone and go compete in the Olympics. 

RE: Meat House - Bookend - 09-08-2015

The candle is my favourite, for some reason. Great studies! I think your colour studies are spot on-- You really have a gift for values, I think. Keep working hard!

RE: Meat House - Punk-A-Cat - 09-08-2015

I'd love to see the space picnic rendered out, that wee creature is so darn cute :D

RE: Meat House - meat - 09-14-2015

Bookend: Thanks mate! Still trying hard to paint better. The candel is the only thing painted from life, and it was burning away pretty rapidly.

Punky Cat: Punky, I would color it up probably after the whole Mentorship plus an out-of-town visit. 

Right now the creature design mentorship is kicking my ass hard right from the first assignment and my not-so-secret dream of championship in class is looking dimmer and dimmer by the minute.....

So far we've done thumbnails, and I was supposed to have 5 of these shaded and lit by Tuesday morning....... it's Sunday late night right now........

RE: Meat House - Punk-A-Cat - 09-14-2015

You can do et man, I believe in you! Those designs totally rock my world! (Some of them are seriously cute :D)

RE: Meat House - RottenPocket - 09-14-2015

Oooh, those last sets of thumbnails are incredible. Great designs.

RE: Meat House - maggie - 09-14-2015

oh hey, those creature thumbnails are looking awesome! love their colours too, keep your head up :)

RE: Meat House - lurch - 09-14-2015

space penguin is genius!

feeling your space picnic sketch too - are you going to colour that one?

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 09-18-2015

Good job meat! Love the designs, keep powering through trooper!

RE: Meat House - meat - 09-21-2015

Punky: Aw thanks Punky! Still hanging on, tire and all...
Rotten: Hi Rotten! Thanks mate :) Here's the last (small) batch of thumbnails... 
Maggie: Hi Maggie :) Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you like the thumbs!
Lurch: Hi Lurch! Thanks! Right now I'm not about to coloring it yet since I haven't much spare time at the moment... 
Andrew! Thanks man! This thing is brutal! I take a day off to see some paintings, and the rest of the week is just staying up a whole lot.

Pretty exhausted right now... this is just continuation of mentorship assigment. And a study. And a doodle. 

RE: Meat House - Punk-A-Cat - 09-21-2015

Awww man, meat, you are so nailing it.. love those thumbnails.. and that sketch made me giggle :D WTG, don't forget to sleep though!

RE: Meat House - Bookend - 09-21-2015

It's a meat... House! Grin

Cool critters, man, and nice work on your mentorship stuff! I'm excited to see how you progress, because you're just working so damn hard. Grin

I hope you get enough sleep!

RE: Meat House - meat - 09-23-2015

Punky and Bookend: Thanks for stopping by... :) Yeah the mentorship really makes you work a lot, and the more you do, and more questions you ask, the more you'll get back. Note tho, it definitely makes you get more of your money's worth if you get your anatomy down and knowing how to depict basic shapes in convincing 3D well. 

And I gotta sleep.

This is something that's floated in and out of my mind occasionally over the past many years. While I'm alright now, this is still interesting information I wish to understand better, and not hide:

RE: Meat House - Punk-A-Cat - 09-23-2015

Zomg, that first one.. it's.. so /perfect/ and so freekin cute!!!!

RE: Meat House - smrr - 09-25-2015

The hard work is real and I know it, but now I see it O_O

Meat, your thumbnails are the absolute shit In love In love
I can see why you're struggling a bit now - because you've done so many!
But seriously, great stuff - when you push past this barrier you're facing with the rest of the thumbnails, you're gonna level up a buttload <3 !