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RE: Meat House - Fedodika - 09-25-2015

ahh someones been zooming in and detailing! haha hey i reccomend trying a blur tool or to create more soft edges here and there as an experiment; the realism is coming together on a lot of these and i think that would push it even further ;)

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 09-28-2015

Keep truckin meat! The improvement is real!

Love the boros baker, carbs served with justice? Righteous buns? Ok ill stop XD.

You could drop in some darker values on tge silhouettes where line work might go.

RE: Meat House - meat - 09-30-2015

Punky: Aw thanks mate! Still gotta get better and do more tho...

Smrr: Y'know, when I look at game art book, and talk to pro artists, they all make an average of 60 to 150 thumbnails for 1 character/scene in the real arena... T_T Thumbnailing is SO hard, and staying within a set time limit and focusing hard is...... well, SO hard! 

Fedo: I see what you mean :) I have to keep in mind the purpose of these images too, and they seem to have crossed over from informative concept design into inspirational concept paintings. 

Andrew: "drop in some darker values on tge silhouettes where line work might go." <-- Not sure what you mean, drop shadows for the cards? 


Some more ponderings:

“If there’s nothing in there, nothing’s going to come out. “ – Anthony Jones

The rest are studies and sketch from a local artist meetup.

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 10-03-2015

Great work meat!

Also, I think as long as you keep analyzing your workflow you'll be able to make it better.
Keep going, you're getting that consistency. 

About the last post, sorry I wasn't clearer. I meant like this,

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 10-03-2015

Good job meat. All these thumbnails, and still keeping up doing studies of anatomy and still lives/digital media… And you seem to be thinking a lot about „why“ and „how“ and how do to better, improve workflow… from what I can see, that’s the right fuel for turbo-mode to pro-level skills. Keep it up! Getting stuck and frustrated and grinding through those feelings is part of the process…

Don’t let fear hold you back. Listen to reason, your heart, or whatever it is that usually leads you to making good decisions, but not that mean thing called Doubt or Fear that just tries to make you freeze up and hide. I don’t think all grown-ups feel like grown ups and in total control of their life. By looking towards the stars you’ve already done the first important thing, which is lifting your gaze towards something inspiring and motivating, and by deciding to not keep your head sticking in the mud. Keep going, you’re on the right track.

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-10-2015

Adnrew: I see your points now! Thanks Andrew! I'll get to this guy eventually... 

Lyra: The voice of Reason is tiny in my world... I can sure learn some of that. I'm not certain or confident about my ability to made good decisions, and that comes with more practice - make more decision on my own and finding out how it pans out. 


This is Number 25 from the last thumbnail batch, finished and presented. The rest are just the same creatures from before, slightly altered lighting, color, and put in a (hopefully) final presentation style. So I'll keep them small and not spam the post: 

Dynamic sketching, how to improve sketching lines:

RE: Meat House - Bookend - 10-12-2015

Wow, your critters are really waking up, man. I can see the work you're doing is improving rapidly-- Makes me wanna try the mentorship program, haha. Keep doing what you're doing! Thumbs_up

RE: Meat House - lurch - 10-12-2015

Those creatures are lookin great!

RE: Meat House - smrr - 10-12-2015

You know I dig that Red-Eyed Drake!

Bookend's right meat, you are improving vastly with each post - even if ya don't see it right now

Also, that vid was great, he taught a culmination of techniques all in one vid! Schwee, thanks for sharing <3

Hope refueling is going gooooood-! o/

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 10-12-2015

Hoi meat,

That red eye drake design turned out beautifully :)

On a side note, if you can't trust yourself to make good decisions, you can at least trust yourself ot keep learning from your bad ones <3

Keep going meat, you're alright!

RE: Meat House - ramalooke - 10-12-2015

Your creature design is absolutely top notch =D wish i had some usefull feedback for you but I don't. Keep pushing it ;3

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-18-2015

Bookend: Thanks mate :) I think they're leveling up because the mentorship does give a lot of work, and since it cost me a lot, I worked days and nights through to get as much done as possible. It's nice to see improvements, but on the other hand this is not a sustainable way to work, so I'd be careful not to be dazzled by the shiny bits (Self, hear that?), and keep in mind it's always tears and sore body parts lol! 

Lurch: Thanks Lurch! How are you doing with the Environment mentorship yourself?

Smrr: Refueling is uh... not sure if it happened, lol! I work then crash then work again. I always end up wasting almost the entire Thursday evening and Friday after class, and then start panicking and cramming by Saturday before or after going out to drawing meetup.

Andrew: Always trying to pry that nugget of gold from every experience and decision man! Although the consequences do start to hurt more and more the older we get. How I wish I was reckless youth who just went and did all sorts of bad stuff to learn from :P

Ramalooke: Hey Rama, just stopping by and saying hi is already very nice of you :) I'll keep pushing on for sure *thumb up*

Not much to show so far because whereas I started month 1 energetic, I started month 2 while still trying to finish month 1, and already exhausted from staying up too many times. So only 1 batch of thumbnails, and a couple random doodles. I should have another one to update this post after tonight's drawing meetup, but depends, I might have just a crap sketch. So here's what's presentable... and I really, really need to be more intentional and arbitrary at starting and ending every single tasks, and stop letting my tasks manage me instead. Time for a coup and take over leadership in Kingdom Yen D:<#

This video shows John Park randomly picking a daily object, and really forcing himself to draw and come up with designs somehow. Just forcing himself to break out of the box and be inventive. Good practice I say, although not all daily objects are created equal - brocoli has more shape material to work with than a tomato!

Also a very belated shout out to US and UK friends for national coming out day and spirit day! Never give in! Verbal bullying is same as physical bullying. No guilt! Just fight!

Lately I've been pretending to work in a nice cafe by combining Coffitivity with Youtube cafe music, and if you like the coffee house setting, that's worth a try. 

Very random, yes. Now, picture time: 

drawing meetup last Saturday: 

Robotpencil mentorship month 2 thumbnail batch:

For someone who can't ever keep up something regular for longer than a week, I impulsively started making these doodles to send them as good morning cards to my girlfriend in a different time zone. Some are rougher and some are more wholesome-looking (like these 2). It started after having the Smithsonian Natural History book perceptually opened on my desk and under my elbow. 

Note to self: google how to restore book that's coming apart. 

Additional drawing. 

RE: Meat House - smrr - 10-23-2015

Aaaaaaaah! I never saw these sketches :D they're cool!

That's a really smart idea you came up with to keep consistent with them fruits! It's like an external, yet internal motivation-!

Hmm, I wonder, do you use 100% opacity in your thumbnails? And 100% flow? Because its as if they're lacking contrast and tend to seem a bit flat. Could be a value thing. Same with the strawberries - sure its a study from a book, but we all know photos are never really accurate - gotta bezazz (is that how you spell it?! o-o) them up a bit to make the painting crackle and pop!

Perhaps I'm just nitpicking considering you've been going hardcore with design and painting fundamentals haven't been on your mind. But yeah, just my two cents meat <3

Keep pushing, you're a crazy hard worker and it inspires me to keep pushing even when I feel I have no more in the tank-!

RE: Meat House - Fedodika - 10-24-2015


RE: Meat House - meat - 11-06-2015

Smrr and Fedo: Thanks guys! It's been nuts....

And I have to run off again for a while, so here's a mini update of this month's mentorship finished stuff:

Also, I'm having some trouble with links on my portfolio, so if anyone would like to run through my portfolio site and let me know if you find any broken links or typo or anything needing fixed, I'll be very grateful!

RE: Meat House - Adam Lina - 11-06-2015

These creatures are looking great, Yen! I noticed one a typo on this page "They seems mindful of the little creatures on the ground," Also the last sentence's phrasing is a bit awkward sounding to me. I would phrase it "The (creature's name) are named after (discoverer's name) wife, who loved literature." 

Also have you thought about adding one of those smaller diagrams of the creature's silhouette next to a human silhouette to show scale? I know you describe their relative size in the descriptions but its best I think to show people so they get that immediate impression of scale. Before reading the description I get the impression that these are small creatures. I think mostly due to the perspective they're in. I love that fungal thrall though.

RE: Meat House - Prabu - 11-06-2015

Holy Firecrackers!
This is just incredible & you've put in so much backstory to them. Very creative.
Yen, these paintings are some of the most original designs i've ever seen.

You have to like...put these creatures in a videogame now.

RE: Meat House - meat - 11-24-2015

Adam : Thanks mate! I made the changes in the text, and fixed broken links as well... :)

Prabu : Lol, that's the plan... :D


Not a whole lot of wholesome sketches while I was away - too busy being bombarded by new experiences in a different country, mwahaha! It was happy times :) I'm a firm believer of getting out of your usual zone physically being good for any artist - even if it's just taking a different walking/jogging route than you usually do.

So besides some unwholesome tierpark scribble, I tried to sculpt something, and believe me when I say this mouse looked friendly and happy before I added the eyeballs.... and obviously it doesn't hold a candle up to what Angelique did to "learn 3D"! 

Took much longer than I thought, and I still haven't figure out how to render out a still frame. Or at least find the image. This is a good old Print Screen. 

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 11-24-2015

Nice work on the rat sculpt meat! Has the ratatouille feels <3

RE: Meat House - meat - 12-05-2015

Some recent sketches since being away. Concept thumbnail practice, anatomy studies (that look presentable enough), and sketching from life: