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RE: Meat House - meat - 02-05-2016

Cut and paste and Photoshop Liquify for a couple hours. This is Rage. Still don't look or feel all that enraged. Need about 500 more needles, 5 flaming body parts, more heads, and posed to be in the middle of ripping a few humans apart probably.

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-10-2016

This project is going a whole lot slower than I thought it would be, even though it's taking over everything else - my schedule, the 3D, the studies.

RE: Meat House - JyonnyNovice - 02-11-2016

Hey meat, it's starting to look Rage now for sure! Maybe some angry eyes could help, or an up angle for that dominating look, or some chains that it's breaking out of. Awesome stuff in the last few pages, like always!

About being an introvert - really it's just a label and I don't think there is much validity in that term scientifically. It has the power to make us believe we are introverted since that how we're described and becomes baggage that we carry with us into the future. The only way past it is to practice being social, like with art, you gotta grind at it, but then if you don't have (or create) the opportunities to practice, when something like a bday party comes around it's so hard and there's no shame in declining. It's like someone asking you to paint a city scene by tomorrow when you have little knowledge of perspective. It's good to get out there though, just a little bit at a time, regularly and you can start to get over that stuff! (sorry if that sounded like a lecture, just trying to offer my own insight!) Introvert or not, you're awesome (we all are :) )

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-11-2016

Artur: They've got the card, and sure likes it :) *phew!*

Jyonny: I took on a lot of sales job and booth volunteering to learn how to talk and be friendly, but even now I can never do it for longer than a couple hours before I get drained and start to smile skin deep accompanied by what feels like a scowl. But um, it certainly helps if I have a "job" to do that I do the talking for. 


The more personal project I can do the better. [cut non-positive stuff out]

This global microplastic problem circulating in the oceans and injecting chemical toxin into our sushi: ;

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 02-11-2016

I’m pretty sure it is normal that it takes time to hone „ideas“ into „great ideas“, it’s nothing that just happens (except maybe a lucky hit). It’s just hard to remember when seeing other people’s great ideas online, but only the end result and without knowing what they did or how long it took them to get there.
I wouldn’t worry too much about professional setting - sure, deadlines are tight and sometimes when you’re „done“ gets determined by a deadline and not you, but that can also be a blessing! Less room for doubt and repainting, more decisive decision making. Also, even in a professional context there are lots of revisions to be done, so in most cases it’s not like your first design gets shipped just like that. But yeah, doing lots of personal stuff and practice if you do have the time between jobs certainly is a good thing :)

For crit, see skype - I think you have plenty of cool ideas in there, now you just have to assemble them for a good first read/silhouette and be mindful of the „flow“ and rhythm.

RE: Meat House - StardustLarva - 02-11-2016

Loving the rage monster! Nice variation in shape.

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-13-2016

Stardust: Thanks bud :) Still trying to make more variations when doing concepts. It's still hard to do.

Lyra: Thank you for the paintover and crit - they are super helpful and made that flat, press-flower concept look so much cooler! I do need to think about posing my creature sooner before painting so much, but I also can't quite see what my creature looks like when posed when I don't know what it looks like. It feels like all these work so far were just for myself to figure out what this thing is before knowing what it does and therefore what its poses will look like. Maybe all that is unnecessary waste of time and I just need to jump forward and start right from making a cool, inspiring image fist before figuring out all the nitty gritty? 


Seasonal update just in time! ^_^

RE: Meat House - Prabu - 02-13-2016

Dragons card looks super sweet :)
Ha, I spot a Pretzel xD

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-16-2016

Prabu: Long time no see! That is indeed a pretzel! How've you been?


I'm having a good deal of trouble posing the profile view into a 3D, going-into-space, nice and interesting view. So many things (basically everything) need to be learned, re-learned, and/or improved it's impossible to prioritize and not dis-trust my judgement on whether I've picked the right thing to work on as most important. At the end of the day, however, it's all down to what you do. That, too, I'm having trouble getting enough of, being so easily distracted and indulging on my many whims. 

This looks pretty linear and rather too simple. The goal for this is monster concept design and no background was required in the brief. In that case I'm not sure an illustration approach will suit this project after all...

RE: Meat House - Ankit_draws - 02-17-2016

wow man i am digging those dragon designs. nice job with the thumbnails In love
you only know this but try adding some scale it really helps in connecting with the viewer 
try increasing the a bit more contrast there are many good details but with less contrast they look a bit flat.

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-21-2016

Ankit_draws: Thanks man! Still working on that dragon atm :)


Just a quick update of miscellaneous sketches:

Imaginative Illustrators of NYC sketches:

color thumbs of dragon:

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-28-2016

This week on Imaginative Illustrators of NYC! Khans of Tarkir fanart - Canadian Moose Man! We each design a new unit or even civilian for the clan we picked. About the same idea as the week on different guilds. Managed to ink most of it on the steady subway, good job MTA! Had to tape a piece of extra paper on his head 'cos the antlers don't fit on the page. Massive clean up and stitching in Photoshop. 

WIPs of the Rage Demon:

[edit] Took off personal or negative-sounding text from past posts to make this sketchbook more professional. Will try to keep future posts art related news and notes only.

[edit 2; 3/09/2016] Got into Spetrum book, wow! Since the only update is the final render of all that stuff above, I'll just add it here instead of making a new post and bump. Now gotta pack with speed before run off to GDC.

RE: Meat House - dodeqaa - 03-07-2016

Keep up the great work meat!

RE: Meat House - Adzerak - 03-11-2016

Neat gear design on the Tarkir moose dude :) Feels like a really sweet challenge to do, designing new or maybe redesigning mtg cards based on their names or what not. Wanna see more of that! Keep the flow (of art) strong!

RE: Meat House - BrushNoir - 03-11-2016

Sick pieces indeed! Will follow your new drawings.

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-19-2016

Andrew: *meat flops down and dies immediately after being cheered on* Oops! :P

Adzerak: That was a fun night, yeah, I went from thumbnail to almost finished inking all within 4 hours!

BrushNoir: Thanks Noir!


Been working on new portfolio following feedbacks I got from GDC reviews. Not much to show yet, but also have been going to the weekly meet up as usual. So here are 2 sketches from those meetings - Sir Gumbolot, and yet-to-be-named-horror-nurse:

One of the many lessons learned from doing this meet up is that ideas are often best scrapped and move on from if they aren’t “coming” to you. That’s about the best way I can describe it. Sir Gumbolot was re-started from scratch after the initial idea just wasn't working out. He's a combo of many sea animals, hence the gumbo name. Gumbo, according to my sister who was in New Orleans for conference, is seriously good, and an unique American culture food.

Y'all have Ryan the story-factory, the world-building-machine to thank for this one. This is a demonic, horror chicken-nurse from the 1960's. After their hospital burnt down with all the people trapped inside, they were raised as grotesque monsters. The chicken-nurse runs and kill people in packs. The alpha female - the head nurse - is the only one allowed to keep hair. All the rest of the chicken-nurse in the pack have to regularly groom and pluck each other's hair out. If the alpha female sees another chicken nurse not being bald enough, she'll rip her a new one.

RE: Meat House - Adam Lina - 04-19-2016

I love that chicken nurse! How ya been, meat?

RE: Meat House - John - 04-20-2016

Bad ass! Everything in stilettos looks sexy! Btw, Thanks for letting us in on the process! Always an inspiration.

RE: Meat House - Fedodika - 04-20-2016

hooa hahahaha!

RE: Meat House - meat - 04-20-2016

Quickly putting the inked version here: 

Adam: Hey Adam! Been through some pretty extraordinary learning experience (aka, GDC) lately, and now I'm alright. Glad you like the chicken nurse :D

John: Thanks John! Yeah you gotta know when to fold 'em...

Nick: Heh heh heh heh....

Inked with pens, and cleaned up in Photoshop.