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RE: Meat House - meat - 10-17-2018

[Shinkasuru] Hey, another in persuit of stories! It sounds easy but it isn't! Best of luck to both of us... . The background is partially due to wanting to keep it from competing with the main 'characters', and partially due to "I don't know what to do here, and I gotta move on for the day now" :P I tried a bit harder with the candle one by using texture, but the amount of hours spent on ti might be defeating the rest of my day so we shall see if I can get faster and better at the same time! Thank you for your kind compliments! 

[Fedodika] Fedo the Koala! I remember you alright, and I see you, too, have been keeping with the same logo over the years :3 Good to be back. 


One more daily story painting. Also, I'm trying to complete Inktober, for a change, this year. I've never completed it, and this year I'm far far behind too, but my objective is to just complete it, and not be on time with each one every day. First off is Inktober 00 where the 2 characters are introduced.

RE: Meat House - Fedodika - 10-17-2018

I want that apple :O

that wouldnt be a half bad pic if you added a few bushes around the tree base and showed the tree going up into perspective a little before cutting it with foliage. I mean i get its covering but the leaves at the very top feel very tense, id suggest maybe a different shape to open it up more

RE: Meat House - Shinkasuru - 10-18-2018

I like the painting. I'm interested in what's going on here, but I think it lacks a little focus. Is the apple the main focal point? If so, I would go a little more saturated with the color, or even give it a soft glow.

I thought the tree could look a little more interesting. The branches appear to be really short.

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-18-2018

[Fedodika] Haha yeah I ran out of time for the tree top so it's really obvious that it's a lasso shape with some quick pixel smears XD 
[Shinkasuru] That tree is seriously straight and clean edged, isn't it, and not even in a good, 'stylized' way :P The story is basically a high hanging delicious fruit out of reach. I would say the focal point is fox staring at fruit...and that's about it! 


Despite best intentions, I didn't do a daily story paint today because I'm just really sick and tired, and been sleeping a lot throughout the day. I do have some inktober drawing so cleaned those up for posting. I like what I saw in other sketchbooks where many paper pages are displayed in a single photo, and showned together like that, but I had second thoughts about ripping apart my Kim Jung Ji sketchbook  XD so maybe for future studies I can do that with printer paper. 

RE: Meat House - Riley Stark - 10-18-2018

Just went through your sketchbook and I have to say there's some beautiful stuff in here. I actually really like a lot of your traditional sketches -- they just have a really lovely quality to them.

Totally came across a page where you were doing composition studies from Indiana Jones and other movies. I was actually just listening to that movie while working earlier today! You may have inspired me to now go back and try my own comp studies. (Because that's an area I need to improve in. :) ) 

Keep up the good work! The Inktober pieces from today are very cute!

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-19-2018

[Riley Stark] Thanks! :) I've actually heard that before that my sketches are better than my portfolio, and somehow I just can't seem to get whatever's impressing people in my sketches to move over to my digital paintings/portfolio!

Comp study seems like a repeating quest in some MMO game, doesn't it? You can always do some and gain/learn some.


Some more inktobers, and a sadly disappointing daily where I took too long to figure out what to do...

RE: Meat House - darktiste - 10-19-2018

What going on here it seem you change from creature design to illustration all of a sudden.Make sure you add more perspective and gesture in that case.Don't forget to learn the principle of design that apply to illustration.For example perspective seem on point but some image look rather 2d.You can alway put stuff in the background you just have to know how to make it not compete for attention by reducing the texturing detail.Implying rather than rendering every detail.

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-20-2018

[darktiste] These are practices for myself to gain more familiarity with Photoshop painting. I'm not aiming to become an illustrator just yet :D All good points you bring up tho, which definitely apply to creature concept as well :)

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-20-2018

So here's a creature in this one :P Less of a story tho, just a mild mood of ... stillness. 

RE: Meat House - darktiste - 10-20-2018

The form language doesn't translate to stillness.Triangle doesn't fit in this type of mood.

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-20-2018

That's pretty stormy feeling!

RE: Meat House - darktiste - 10-20-2018

Yes nothing that can't be fixed just showing you how easy i can be to imply a mood sorry for not sticking to the theme.

RE: Meat House - Baldgate - 10-21-2018

Beautiful studies you did on last pages, and nice work on Inktober. I like the flamethrowing ant, the woman transforming in dragon. Its really good how you can imply a story in each of your drawing !

RE: Meat House - meat - 10-23-2018

[Baldgate] Thank you mate! 


Wanted to catch up some more on inktober over the weekend, but it didn't quite go the way I thought it would. Everything takes 3x longer than I thought they would. Now I am just going to do the ones I can get to, then fill in the rest later, so I have a nice sketchbook to flip through in the future. So they're going to be really random from now on: 

A scene inspired by this giant alien caterpillar parasite movie I saw when I was really little. It crawls on the ceiling above a woman combing her hair, and its drool drips onto the back of her resting hand. Puzzled, she looks up to see the gaping maw of the creature just before it clamps on on her...

Slaying giant monster is exhausting work...

RE: Meat House - Joe - 12-01-2018

holy shit man, you weren't messing around with those inktober illustration! they look awesome!

RE: Meat House - darktiste - 12-02-2018

I hate how the internet can uglfy how marker sketch look so awsome in real.I guess it as to do that i admire people who still draw traditionally.It just make art more real it not just some pixel on a screen it a physical object that follow us it how cavemen drawn on wall it just more vibrant for some reason i can't put my finger on.I love the presentation less straight on i also like that somehow you took camera angle that seem to help to create a sense of composition that fit the image for example a low angle for a relaxing scene and a high angle of the sketch book.If you mix composition +composition in your photo i think you can have some great photo and it help you practice camera angle for your own art.