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RE: Meat House - Adam Lina - 12-02-2014

I feel you meat. That feeling of wanting to at least appear like you've got it together and that you're a responsible adult. At the same time working toward a career that the people around you think is a pipe dream or even childish. I think my stubbornness keeps me going for the most part. That and if someone tells me I cant do something I have a strong urge to prove them wrong. Thats probably not the best motivation but I try... CHEER UP MEAT! :)

RE: Meat House - meat - 12-04-2014

Adam : I wish I have your strong urge to prove them all wrong. Instead, I have strong fear that they would be right about all 3 - that I cannot downsize enough to move to an apartment, that I can't live on my savings for 2 years because I'll spend it all, and that I can't make a living out of art anyway after said 2 years.

If this can happen in 1.5hr when put outside and in a class, why can't it happen all the time on my own? That's a pointless question with many answer/excuses I know, and less of a question and more of just a statement of frustration.

Acrylic study of a panorama with stuffed jaguar at AMNH:

RE: Meat House - StardustLarva - 12-04-2014

Loving your recent studies there, Meat! In particular I love that study in your last post. Really nice limited palette there.

RE: Meat House - meat - 12-22-2014

I need to start loving work tired. Like yelling I LOVE HILLS when bicycling or running uphill while feeling like my lungs and heart are going to explode, and my leg muscles are going to rip themselves apart, and bone joints going to snap. I LOVE WORKING TIRED AND EATING FRUITS AND NUTS!!! YIPPIKAYAY *************!

What these are: photo studies from books and internet, except the moose, which is from stuffed animal in a diorama. Apparently AMNH allows people to paint in there without special reservation/notification, and you can even borrow stools from them. I never knew that... Bring your paint with you to AMNH next time you go.

RE: Meat House - Adrian - 12-22-2014

Neat studies meat ! Love the moose painting.

On a side note: Fruits and nuts are nice haha.

RE: Meat House - Tan-Sau - 12-23-2014

I love the animal studies. Very nice and inspiring sketchbook you have here.

RE: Meat House - meat - 01-10-2015

Adrian, Tan-Sau: Thanks for stopping by, guys!

A whole day and a night prior to the whole day. This is the second last of the freebie charity project. The only challenge here was working with unfamiliar acrylics and gouache and speed. The dismal thing here is I don't dislike them, but just because these amused me doesn't mean I should take this path. This is what I imagine the cover will look like after they put text on it:

[Image: 2612285_orig.jpg]

This is all of them together, including the older batch:

A drawing from life drawing session at Art Student League. They're kind of expensive.

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 01-10-2015

Flowers flowers flowers! :D You’ve had a productive day (and night) of painting, I see. The sunflower is majestic! Learning speed, efficiency and handling materials is a good learning experience too, even if those flowers are not exactly what you want to do forever :)

RE: Meat House - StardustLarva - 01-11-2015

Fantastic botanical stuff there, Meat!

RE: Meat House - pnate - 01-12-2015

You are so charitable Mr. Meat. Some mighty fine flower work there :)

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-07-2015

Thanks guys :) Not a lot to show after vanishing all these time. A bit of studies that looked good enough to scan. A painting from AMNH that’s finished. Some homework. And a collage of antiques for the 5x3 AMIT TAGGED ME IN.

RE: Meat House - StardustLarva - 02-07-2015

I was hoping you'd update again soon, Meat. I'm loving those skull drawings and the painting of the bovid, the latter looks a lot like a scientific illustration you'd see from the 19th century. I wish there was something constructive I could offer to you, but I honestly love your stuff so much that it's difficult for me to really think of anything of that kind to say. I look forward to your next update!

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-10-2015

This took bloody forever!!!

Digital Tutors - Introduction to 3d Studio Max 2014. I don't think I'm getting my money's worth at this speed!!!

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 02-11-2015

It's so cooool~ :D Just looking at that mean grin makes me happy.

...And the colors/flag. I approve. Just remember... gold not yellow!!

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-11-2015

(02-11-2015, 06:47 AM)Lyraina Wrote: It's so cooool~ :D Just looking at that mean grin makes me happy.

...And the colors/flag. I approve. Just remember... gold not yellow!!

Thanks Stardust! I take feedback and crits from anyone, so don't hesitate to tell me something looks off to you, or if you think something else might worth exploring.

Lyra: I'll stick that Seal of Approval on its butt. The colors indeed go better with the rest of the plane than US Flag or AirForce logo would've. Such is an artist's loyalty - "But the colors go better with THEIR flag!"

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-12-2015

It's rigged now but the animation part likely won't make it on time... even if it did, the rendering won't. So here's a turn table.

RE: Meat House - ImSkeptical - 02-17-2015

Hey man, cool to see all this flat design and patterning. I would say though, looking over your work, that you might want to pay a bit more attention to cast shadows, and making sure you cast them over the forms underneath and design them nicely. I can see you understand simplifying into simple shapes like boxes, but I think you could be a little more deliberate with how you light your stuff. Be consistent!

Hope that made sense, keep working hard :D

RE: Meat House - ShinOkami - 02-17-2015

Great stuff, just keep on working and you'll have it under the belt soon ! : D

RE: Meat House - meat - 02-26-2015

ImSkeptical: Thanks for the crit man! I suck at shadow yeah.... one big weakness to tackle soon.

Ookami: Thanks man!

Some stuff lately. Not much. Sorry can't be bothered to resize them to monitor-friendly dimension today.

RE: Meat House - Lyraina - 02-26-2015

Oooh flying embers, good idea! I should’ve thought of that! :D

…And I still like that *adorable* shadow in #2 :P

And I know I’m annoying, but since it’s important, I’ll still add this: Do mix in some application/imaginary stuff between the studies. It doesn’t have to be super-personal work, just something that’s not a study. I know it’s scary. Pick some setting you like, and design a creature that would fit there, and/or keep up the oils! Just something for yourself to work on in spare time or when you don’t feel like studies/3d.

And you’re doing great meat. I know it’s an uphill battle and it hurts, but we gotta keep fighting!