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RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Eyliana - 05-07-2016

The amount of patience you have! Really awesome stuff. Keep it up :)

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - miracoly - 05-09-2016

Thanks for stopping by my sb Jonny! Its always fun to scroll through yours, just keep it up man! Loving all the traditional stuff

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Triggerpigking - 05-09-2016

Nice updates dude, how many days is the pen & ink practice? I might try that soon as it looks a lot more varied then the drawabox or Peter Han excercises.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-11-2016

Eyli Thanks! I find a kind of zen meditation doing those exercises, so it doesn't feel like it takes patience when I get into it.
Miracoly Thanks for stopping by mine too : )
Triggerpigking It's 24 days total, but a few of them are specifically for nib pen (about using the pressure to get thin / thick lines) so if you do them with a regular pen you can skip a lot, and possibly skip the stuff with a ruler too and just do the core stuff in under two weeks probably. I scanned the whole thing in anyway so have a look. I'd really recommend doing it with a nib pen though, since I've found the sensitivity training soooooo great for improving my use of tablet and stylus in photoshop.

[Image: 1y1Yijp.jpg]
Big versions
week 1:
week 2:
week 3:
week 4:

My recent work:

I lost another few days so a bit behind with the pen training, here's day 15 ropehatching gradations - this one is quite tricky. Mine look nicer from a distance / shrunk size, a bit messy close up.

[Image: z2Sdbga.jpg]
[Image: TlHwPSd.jpg]
[Image: 5XrgnEh.jpg]
[Image: KrPj2pq.jpg]
[Image: LFCjXRT.jpg]

Need more practice at that one for sure.

Some 30 second and 2 minute gestures, I decided to keep a sketchbook just for gestures, so I can flip through it when it's full and see if I've improved.

[Image: jUD2mYJ.jpg]
[Image: SaVtg7t.jpg]

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Triggerpigking - 05-11-2016

Hey thanks for posting dude, i'll try and get hold of some nib pens and start on them soon :).

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-12-2016

Trigger Awesome, looking forward to seeing how it goes : )

Day 16 cubes; doesn't look like much but took quite a while to do these. Not really satisfied with them, I end up going too dark too quickly and then the cast shadow is similar to the darkest side of the cube and I don't manage to get the reflected light and other little details to read well. Will keep trying ^^

[Image: QD2O1h0.jpg]

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-13-2016

Day 17, cylinders - happy with the result although need to work on getting the form shadow to soften gradually as it turns around the cylinder.

[Image: V53CWJ6.jpg]

From painting class today, one thing of note I learned is to use the dirty paint water to get the parts of a white surface that are turning from the light.

(looks better from a distance)
[Image: feM1GHc.jpg]

[Image: rs8oKXP.jpg]

*note to self: do more still life drawings, shabby and inaccurate drawing is inexcusable now*

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Eyliana - 05-13-2016

Watercolours always look better from a distance!
I don't know what size brushes you use, but for larger surfaces or flat washes it is always easier to use a bigger brush. Should make it easier to prevent the circles.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-14-2016

Eyli Thanks for the tips! Those were careless mistakes! I do use a big mop brush for big areas.

Pen practice with still life, took so long to do the hatching but I'm quite happy with my progress. At least the ropehatching looks better and the drawing itself seems solid enough. I'll start the final week 4 of pen training on Monday.

[Image: yp6RF7m.jpg]

[Image: QdKSAHo.jpg]

And a w.i.p for more pen practice tomorrow, didn't do a good job with the gesture, was too much in 'copy mode' from the still life and didn't approach it in the usual way. Probably go ahead and ink them anyway see if I can fix it a bit.

[Image: XpwECk9.jpg]

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-16-2016

working on comics this weekend (finally got back to it after having few weekends where I couldn't draw). This stuff looks pretty basic but I found it harder than a all of the stuff I've done in the last couple months.

Trying to design a character, she should look fresh and youthful, she is shy but when meeting the other character who is also shy, she manages to overcome it a little for his sake. It's not where I want it, but I think this is the limit of my skill right now so I'll go with this one and should get better by the end of the comic, after I've drawn her many times.

Just figuring out the hair / eyes and stuff, attempting to re-draw the same face multiple times and I did a turn around that I'll put in photoshop to try different clothes and accessories for her.

[Image: dJgLxC6.jpg]

(animated GIF because I like how clean the inked ones look compared to the sketches)
[Image: 1FewQt7.gif]

[Image: bDTlsAu.jpg]

[Image: HOeDQE3.jpg]

Noticed how tiny the hands are, will fix that next time, as well as the side view.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-18-2016

Decided to continue with this character design, cleaned up the drawing and trying out different clothes.

Her character is supposed to be generally confident but a little shy, not introverted but far from outgoing - prefers to stay home and watch a movie than get hammered in a bar. A few of those outfits get discounted already, I've asked a few women what they think based on that description and they all chose different ones, giving good reasons as to why, so I can't decide! Right now I'm feeling 2, 4, 5 and 8. Let me know which you think : )

It was pretty fun doing this, with the hard part of the drawing done it's like playing with a doll and dressing her up.

[Image: aJjfOT9.jpg]

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-21-2016

Went with number 5 in the end, it seemed the most genuine, all the others seemed too much like a fashion catalogue. Just practising drawing her in different poses from My inability to draw decent hands and feet is going to hold me back on this project, but will do what I can!

[Image: T0SwXU8.jpg]

C&C welcome! Next is to design the boy character.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-23-2016

Design for the boy character, I'm quite happy with how his jeans turned out in the ink version at the end.

[Image: vkoAenF.jpg]

[Image: W6aWXxO.jpg]

[Image: yGuQzGR.jpg]

[Image: mZQStgF.jpg]

His hair and jumper will be toned darker but I'll do that in photoshop instead of with hatching.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Artloader - 05-26-2016

A fellow comics creator! Thanks for stopping by my SB mate!

Awesome study habits here Jonny! I'm loving your gesture studies - really fluid and natural. I think it has strengthened your figure drawing - you seem able to achieve very fluid and natural poses.

I also had a read of your study schedule - you've made some smart improvements to it. I reckon you're right about intense focus on a single area for a decent period of time. I've recently come to the same conclusion myself and am doing something similar. You see faster gains and that serves as a great motivator to then move onto other areas and improve in those.

Keep going dude - your work is looking awesome already!

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 05-30-2016

Artloader Thanks dude! Gesture + form studies is really the key I feel - even totally divorcing yourself from considering it a human being you're drawing and seeing it in terms of lines of action and simple forms. Preston Blair's 'Advanced Animation' book really helped me, since he is using gesture to draw disney style animals, it's totally removed from figures. Anyway, I still have quite a way to go, but we always do : )

I made some notes on gesture drawing for Artloader, but maybe other people will find them useful too. They are not pretty drawings, but I think the focus of 30 sec - 2 min gesture drawings is on catching a good pose, the prettiness comes on its own sometimes, and sometimes not, but that's not important for this. Very little of this is stuff I figured out on my own, it all comes from Hampton, Vilppu and Alex Woo (mostly Alex Woo).

I hope you can read my handwriting, and let me know if it's useful, I learned / remembered a lot while doing this and might do a more thorough / organised / less messy set of notes on the 7 gesture drawing exercises from Alex Woo's class if people are interested.

[Image: ta15ODe.jpg]

Plus a plein air set of trees - first time I painted outdoor on A3 paper, it was pretty fun (there was a blue sky in the background but it was too pale and just looks white now)
[Image: lVuTFqO.jpg]

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Artloader - 05-30-2016

Wow! Those notes on gestures and your thought process behind them look really interesting Jonny! I will definitely try this stuff out for myself - thanks for sharing!

Nice plein air painting by the way. I love the way you are developing so many facets to your art skills.

Keep going mate!

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - OtherMuzz - 05-30-2016

Hi mate. Nice sketchbook.

Thought i would just pipe up that something seem to be going really wrong with your faces, especially compared to everything else you are doing. You seem to have a mental blockage about seeing them as 3d forms.

Here is something i would suggest, stop drawing human faces, and think about designing a robotic version of the face instead, with panel lines, and bits of metal to represent the different features.

[Image: KcEY6s.jpg]
This is a page from how to draw manga: giant robots. A surprisingly amazing book.

I think this sort of thinking will help break how you are thinking about the face.

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - JyonnyNovice - 06-01-2016

Artloader No probs, hope it's useful!

Othermuzz Thanks, I'll give that a go, I think I have that book actually.

Finally getting back to my pen training after real life stuff knocked me off my path for a bit. Week 4, last week of this course, today was to experiment with different line weight / styles on the same drawing.

[Image: DfqDRC6.jpg]
[Image: IGfXl0H.jpg]

And anatomy study - I'm going to be spending all my extra time doing anatomy stuff for a good while, I'm tired of having gaps in my knowledge and having to blag this stuff!

[Image: EEsVVya.jpg]

Hope you're enjoying the summer!

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - KurtJeremy - 06-01-2016

I agree with muzz, seems to me you're focusing for a Disney style of drawing faces
Your figure stuff are so good already, the face are lagging behind.

I suggest going through the portrait mentorship here and do the assignments for even more mileage

While watching tutorials on YouTube on the structure and planes of the faces (prokos portrait lessons for example)

Then after that try copying from the artists you like in this case Disney artists or in similar styles. Being critical in how they made decisions in SIMPLIFYING the nose , the eyes and the mouth. (Not the ears nobody cares about the ears haha jk)

RE: JyonnyNovice - from Novice to Master! - Adam Lina - 06-01-2016

That plein air looks great! What they said ^ The heads need more structure. You could go so far as simplifying the head into a box. Like a box that fits tight to the volume of the head. Then use that to construct the skull starting with largest, simplest forms possible. Dont think of it as a head but a collection of masses.