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RE: Sketchbook - Plissken - 06-08-2016

Your anatomy is really fantastic, great work!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-08-2016

thanks, plissken! I'm working on it, but there are still a lot of issues; the left arm doesnt foreshorten correctly, the ribcage ends too high, the hip has some weird nonsensical mass on the right side and the right upper leg should be thinner towards the knee. but yea, gettin better!

RE: Sketchbook - Plissken - 06-08-2016

In regards to foreshortening, If you haven't already seen it, Daarken has a really fantastic short video on the subject that you may find useful! Linky!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-12-2016

thanks plissken, i'll check that out!
more warmup stuff! fixed the dva and made it simpler and drew a quick character yesterday. still workin on 40k stuff in my main time, will upload it all when it's done

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-12-2016

blade & soul inspired warmup sketch

RE: Sketchbook - smrr - 06-13-2016

lookin forward to the 40k stuff bro!

nice energy and flow as always
aaaah miss ya! \o/

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-15-2016

miss you tooooooo! <3
warmup sketch!

RE: Sketchbook - John - 06-16-2016

Hi Jan. About the D.Va fan art piece, I think it's a problem of how you stitched the figure together more than a problem of foreshortening. 

If I decided the upper chest area as the true reference point, the neck would seem sliding off the center of the torso. The lower chest looks like it has a different twist comparing it to the upper chest. They should be working as a singular unit. The arm holding the gun looks uncomfortable stretched across the chest, which in turn, the other arm that's cocking the gun will also look unrealistic.

I hope you don't mind my red lining:
Original: [attachment=87051]
Red Line over Original: [attachment=87052]
Red Line: [attachment=87053]
I didn't bother to give tips from the waist down! I did a lot of iterations and I just made it look awkward or made it too unfaithful to the original pose.

Hope this helps! And if there's anything that I said or done seems ridiculous, then completely disregard!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-16-2016

Thanks John! I know, the pose I chose would really stretch the left wrist and it really is a bit unnatural to hold your left hand like that for a long time, but i took that liberty in favor of the composition. Your version really looks more natural and comfortable, but also less dynamic because you'd give up the sense of counterbalance and the line of action from the foot on the left towards the gun (which crosses the other line created between the other foot and the head)
my goal with the sketch was to create a dynamic figure in a square composition, so i'd rather sacrifice dva's comfort for a little bit of action :D my biggest issue with it right now actually is the camera angle, not the anatomy. it is just dead on and there's not enough foreshortening and overlap to create a deep space with the figure alone, so if i'd redraw it, i'd probably put the camera on one of her knees looking upward or next to her right ear pointing towards the gun. anyways, thanks a lot for taking the time john!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-20-2016

Animation test! :D My first one ever, so fun!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-21-2016

Another day, another goat

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-21-2016

Late night... anatomy practice? :D

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 06-23-2016

Finally sitting down to really learn how reflectivity works! Man, my brain is steaming, this is really hard. The first image in my sb has a lot of stuff like this in it, but it was just a still life with next to no real knowledge about light behind it. Pretty happy that now I understand enough about color, light and perspective to slowly start doing that from imagination!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-19-2016

Image dump! Thanks for visiting! The mini challenge will start right after CC5!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-23-2016

finished cc5 today!

RE: Sketchbook - Artloader - 07-23-2016

That looks pretty awesome Jan! The aircraft in the foreground gives a nice sense of scale to the architecture.

Good luck with your entry :).

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-24-2016

Thanks! the architecture itself needed to be alien so i couldnt put human elements or even birds/trees in there for scale. Tbh I didn't consciously use the airplane for scale but you're totally right, it's the only part of the painting that really gives a clue about that. i wanted to put it there to get a little story going that fits the weird camera angle, but the scale is probably even more important than that in hindsight. I also messed up the shadow direction on that wing, probably forgot that i flipped the image when i painted that shadow but meh, I'm just glad it's done :D

lil warmup sketch for today! I like this style, sorta came naturally so maybe i'll keep it around for a while. Should update my sb more regularily again

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-25-2016

Some studies for visual library! testing out stuff for the challenge to see what might work or not and for informing my suggestions. (coming right after cc5, end of this week)

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-28-2016

Another day, another chika! felt like drawing some fantasy stuff again. might render her later maybe; kinda like the drawing

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 07-30-2016

bug study from ref vs bug from memory afterwards. feels brutal to see exactly where you messed up and how, but it's the best method to exactly pin down your mistakes, even those you didn't even think you'd make. the rendering on the memory bug came out a lot messier than I expected, but I only noticed how much i was winging it until i put the 2 next to each other. I want this texture to be on the girl from the last post, so that's why I did the study. little fun project inbetween things, mostly doing anatomy studies in my physical sb right now.