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RE: Sketchbook - Lodratio - 08-04-2016

That goat skull you use as your profile picture is noticably stronger than your other stuff in my opinion. Maybe you could benefit from working more on those abstract patterns. It might seem like a waste of time, but weaving abstract patterns into eachother in 3d space can actually be really helpful for improving your judgement of volumes and foreshortening.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-04-2016

thanks! it was really fun doing that one, but it felt like a cop-out do draw a bunch of shapes to distract from the fact that i dont know how to render.. I might explore it later tho when I dont feel like im doing it to run away from fundamentals, I've always been at home with abstract painting

RE: Sketchbook - neopatogen - 08-05-2016

What I personally most often enjoy about your artworks is lineart! Although, you're getting better with colors and values, too.
As for the chick, the foreshortened leg seem kinda too thick, it shouldn't if it's farther from the viewer than the stretched one, also that boot on the left looks too round and heavy compared to the one on the right.

RE: Sketchbook - BjorkJT - 08-05-2016

I like that study you did with the bug. Studying that way is super valuable, ref -> memory, I've found that to be one of the fastest ways for me to learn so far. Maybe do a couple more sketches of the bug from different angles and such before doing it from memory? Might help with getting the volumes and foreshortening right.
Also, I totally dig your CC piece, really cool! :D

RE: Sketchbook - RottenPocket - 08-11-2016

Hi Jan,

Beetles are a great subject, and they feature an incredible range of patterns and physiology. More like that would be good to see.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-12-2016

Heyo, thanks for all the nice comments! Didn't continue the bug lady and did a knight today because i just felt like venting some steam instead of studying :D Sorry i feel like I'm just posting random test stuff in here right now whenever I go on the tangent and all the important stuff right now is happening in my physical sb which i just cant scan in -.- Thanks for stopping by, really appreciate it!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-13-2016

Overpainting for John!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-15-2016

i hate these so much </3

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-15-2016

1hr movie frame study (pearl harbor)

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-22-2016

rendering practice disguised as fan-art!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 08-22-2016

Might as well post these. Had em rolling around forever and finally decided not to finish them. Maybe I'll make some better ones later, but for now, that's it.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-05-2017

Didn't post here since forever, so here's some stuff! Focusing on anatomy atm, maybe I'll post my studies soon. (maybe) Pretty much only doing lineart right now, but i'll do more painting and color again once i fix the more basic problems, which may take a while

RE: Sketchbook - Mariyan-Hristov - 03-09-2017

Great work ! Makes me wanna start with studying 2d more seriously.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-13-2017

Thanks Mariyan! I should study more, too, but for now here are just some things I did for fun on the weekend :D