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RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-22-2015

thanks oldboy! still waiting for a reply from them :D on to a productive weekend!

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 08-23-2015

Awesome choice to study and apply. You've got a lot of great potential here. Keep pushing the envelope. Grin Thumbs_up

The latest portrait is beautiful.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-24-2015

sunday painting

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 08-24-2015

Wow, intense piece. Love the expression and colours! Gogogogo! Thumbs_up

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-24-2015

thank you!
just 2 more studies before i drop into bed.. gosh, just 2.5 hrs of sleep till i gotta get to work again. just wanted to keep my 4.5 hrs on average per day this week, had to skip 3 days so it got quite intense towards the end.
will take 2 weeks off off work in september, will try to do 14hr average work days then and focus on rendering.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-26-2015

Jaime Jones study. I really took my time with this one and tried to make it as good as possible. Also took a lot of notes and analized it pretty carefully, so I sure learned a lot. The foreground looks too flat though and my brushwork is too smudgy but overall i think it was a success!

RE: Jan's study den - smrr - 08-26-2015

Cool sketchbook Jan -! Friggin' in love with that blonde chick at the top of the page <3 

Good job on the Jaime study --~ all about them textures and the overall mood and feeling. But yeah, good shiz - keep it coming!! 

P.s. I lol'd at your sketchbook intro xD studies can get hella boring without applying ^ ^ wish I figured that out when I started my art journey haha

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-27-2015

thanks smrr!
another master, another girl

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-27-2015

last one for today. applied some things from the last 2 studies

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 08-27-2015

I can really see the application in the latest-- Awesome work. Don't stop now. Grin

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-28-2015

thanks bookend! I will never stop :D

my WIP post for the CHOW#14 contest, deadline is in 3 days. Could only spend 2h on it because i used most of my time today to organize my refs and find new ones (which paid off!)
will have to go hard on it on saturday and sunday if I wanna finish it. will have to draw more anyway to make up for today and keep the 6h on average I wanna achieve this week.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-30-2015

Some more things from the community challenges. I'll try to gather everything I post anywhere in my sketchbook, so you'll get an overview of everything when you browse through

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 08-31-2015

yup yup

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 08-31-2015

Hey Jan-- Awesome work. You're churning out really nice quality stuff. I'd love to see you refine that floaty-empress. Reminds me of Anthony Jones a bit-- His gumroad, talkin' about putting in the shapes first as a design and then shaping them as you go.

Keep it uppp! Thumbs_up

RE: Jan's study den - ZombieChinchilla - 08-31-2015

Nice stuff, Jan. With your ChoW entry, the arms seem a little large to me. I also think for the colors, adding some greens would really bring some more life. I like your design a lot, though, really cool.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-01-2015

thanks guys! I didn't want to make it green in a literal sense but rather use a design language (animals, natural nudity without sexiness or shame) to make it "green" in an associative way instead. much like foxes are green even though theyre not. I had some green ambient lights in the shadows in an earlier version but it didnt make much sense on th white bg. I'd love to make a bigger painting in the future but the one I started in the WIP thread seems both too intimidating to try and too broken to fix to me. the composition and the character design need so much work, I think it's better to start a new one..

here are 2 studies from today

RE: Jan's study den - CoreyH - 09-01-2015

Awesome sketchbook. Really loved your CHOW entry. Got my vote!

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-02-2015

Thanks, Corey! you got mine, too :)

did this today

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-03-2015


RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-04-2015

realized I didnt use the full value range, so i added this