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RE: Jan's study den - lurch - 09-04-2015

Great sketchbook, tonne of good work going on. love the party cat and beach zombies!

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-05-2015

thanks, Lurch!

didnt paint much today, did more reading etc. instead. Starting to get into How To Render!

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-06-2015

why are water lilies so damn hard to paint

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-07-2015

blah blah

RE: Jan's study den - Vicianus - 09-07-2015

Nice stuff yo, buttz

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 09-08-2015

Nice value studies. And ass studies. Keep 'em comin'! Grin Thumbs_up

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-10-2015

thanks guys!

CHOW 15 wips so far

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 09-10-2015

Really interesting direction you've taken with the chow! Keep up the good work. Grin

RE: Jan's study den - Einver - 09-10-2015

I like your style :D. Those geometric drawings are sexy, I need to do some more of those....

Anyway, the booty studies are bumpin' too. Lost my shit at the Lotus haha.

It will be nice to see you continue to harness that painting style and brush set. once you're able to improve more fundamental concepts like values and edges, that stuff is gonna be the next level of ace.

RE: Jan's study den - DavidSzilagyi - 09-10-2015

Seriously, that lotus painting is how I feel on a consistent basis about painting shit that makes me angry as hell. I know I couldn't be the only one, but it's great seeing everyone on the same page with that wonderful murderous rage underneath :D

Keep on truckin, I love it!

RE: Jan's study den - lurch - 09-10-2015

Love the painterly quality of your chow, the female is looking really strong.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-11-2015

Thanks for the nice words, guys! Really means a lot!

Alright, here's the CHOW illustration for this week, I think it's about 99% done. Next: character sheet, then I'll go back to How to Render (ugh I don't wanna but it has to be done)

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-12-2015


RE: Jan's study den - Rhasdra - 09-12-2015

This is amazing!
Dude, your painting skills made a huge leap in these last posts imo! And your linework is so damn solid as always :pp

I feel like you got kind of lost on the CHOW painting, I personally like better the direction you were taking with the bandit and the lady in the background. I don't really know what this character is, but the painting tells me that she's some form of lake justice that emerged to save the poor lady!

Your final image kind of tells me that this creature is kind of a lurker, and is backstabbing the man. Maybe because you've created a visual barrier between the creature and the man, so it seems to be hiding and/or taking him by surprise.

You also got the cranium a bit wrong... Knowing your art I can guess it's on purpose, but... it feels wrong.

Either way, you got a pretty amazing volume of work going, keep this up! And keep pushing! I'm a big fan of your stuff :'D

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-12-2015

thanks for the crit! I really thought I nailed the story in my first image but i guess it still doesnt come across perfectly :D telling a story in a single image is the hardest thing I've tried so far with art. So many possibilities and 90% of them only work in your head.. I noticed that the head looked too large, too, but since the design is all about a lot of hair, I kept it as a kind of hair storage, like one of these huge aristocratic hairstyles. It feels so stupid that the image that I worked on for almost a week is worse than the one I slapped together in a couple hours xD but maybe it just got better from the mistakes I made and learned from in the first try. Keep pushing Rhasdra! Btw that girl on a bike you drew is super cute! So much energy, I love it! :D

RE: Jan's study den - Bookend - 09-12-2015

Zooming out from the image, it's really tough to see what exactly is going on (I know you haven't gone into full rendering mode, yet, though.) I think the close up is better conveying what you want with this piece-- It's also interesting, how gentle she appears, but her 'innocent, soft, silky' hair coming up and weaving around the curious dude on the bridge. That's far more interesting. Just my thoughts on it-- Rhas totally got it out better than I, haha.

But, yeah, your work is definitely getting more solid, and you're really soaring with values. I am impressed, and kind of jealous. Grin

RE: Jan's study den - maggie - 09-13-2015

Those are some very nice colours you used! And I really liked your figure paintings.

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-14-2015

thanks! I kinda felt like I was spinning my wheels, so its nice if other people are noticing progress :D

some half ass unfinished sketch from yesterday. yay. this week will be better!

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-16-2015

more exercises from How to Render

RE: Jan's study den - Jan Kloidt - 09-19-2015

mostly drawing in my physical sketchbook this week, so not a lot of updates right now. made a photostudy with my self-made brushes :D changed the light and mood of the photo a little bit so i hope it became something with an implication of a little story (ref was pretty much wet t shirt porn)