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RE: Sketchbook - Hobitt - 02-16-2016

No dont quit it! try to push it to the most finished state you can, perhaps this is will be so out of your comfort zone you will earn even more!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 02-20-2016

thanks for the concern hobitt, but pushing it further wouldn't really improve it anymore i think.. the values are messed up, i didnt notice that when i went from the graphic version into painting. would have to redo the entire thing with more atmo perspective and less light sources.

Anyway, here's a little Overwatch fanart. I fucking love Overwatch already. Big update on the folio project coming soon, too, stay tuned :D

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 02-21-2016

actually wanted to take the day off from drawing but felt shitty for not doing anything the whole day so i squeezed in some studies before bed here ya go

RE: Sketchbook - smrr - 02-21-2016

yo bro! you inspire me daily, especially this:
(02-21-2016, 02:23 PM)Jan Kloidt Wrote: actually wanted to take the day off from drawing but felt shitty for not doing anything the whole day so i squeezed in some studies before bed here ya go
the fact that you still got something done when you weren't feeling it... dayum---! Th_104_ Th_104_ Th_113_

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 02-22-2016

you're the best sis smrr :3 :3 ;D <3

some warmup studies for today, will absolutely go into finishing up the folio now though! i really dig this semi line/simple shadows style for studies, lets you focus on the important stuff, is fast to do and looks ok!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 02-27-2016

This was hard

RE: Sketchbook - smrr - 03-07-2016

The cleanliness... th-the juiciness... it's... i-it's... it's GLORIOUS!!
got me like:
[Image: tumblr_inline_o1lgrbLw9P1sjc0bz_500.gif]

kick that sickness in the arse... butt hole-mouth!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-12-2016

<3 <3

some studies, drawing random made up forms and lighting them from imagination. and a duck.

RE: Sketchbook - Nada_H - 03-12-2016

woah some awesome stuff here, makes me wanna work harder.. or quit i dunno..

keep it up! :D

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-13-2016

Thanks Nada! Don't quit tho, everyone has those thoughts once in a while.

some more forms from imagination being rendered, figuring out color now

RE: Sketchbook - BrushNoir - 03-13-2016

Oohh I got jelly on those rocks/forms ^^ keep it up.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-13-2016

Thanks man!

did a still life to infuse some new knowledge back in

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-13-2016


RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-13-2016

last experiment for today

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-14-2016

first study of the day

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-18-2016

first in a series of color studies! got 2 paintings figured out that i want to finish during the next couple of days, takin my time to learn more about light before i start

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-19-2016

posting it here aswell for the sketchbook timeline! had so many breakthroughs with that one! prolly will get an art block now that i can see so much more that I should do but can't do yet on my own without the help of a master xD but we shall see!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-21-2016

my entry for the DS fanart contest! man that was a last minute deadline crunch... would have tried to get better color and study some hands if i had more time, but i'm still super happy! included the lines bc the planning was the hardest part o:

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 03-21-2016

oh yeah i did these too i almost forgot. tried to apply things from the madmax study while also getting better at anatomy and cloth folds. didnt finish it but it helped me a lot with preparing for the dark souls thingie. i picked 3 photos and tried to re-paint them all in the same color context that has nothing to do with the original images.

RE: Sketchbook - Amit Dutta - 03-21-2016

Hey man, nice one. I've noticed a tendency of yours to make your heads and hands a bit too small, and your arms a bit long.