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RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-04-2016

A little maquette that i just sculpted for myself to understand the planes in a different medium and two other random photos that i just found on my camera and thought looked kinda nice so why not post em too :D

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-09-2016


RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-10-2016

Sooo I'll do some 40k fanart soonish! Tried to do 50 comps before starting, after these 32 my brain was fried. it was so so worth it! Here are some numbers: 50% (16) are useable, out of which 50% (8) are good, and only 1 out of those last 8 is so good that i feel like i'm missing out if i don't paint it. they're from left to right in the order that i did them. while there is some serious drawing improvement on the subject matter by the end of it, i didn't get a higher density of useable comps the more i did, the good ones are just scattered all over the place.
30 is a good number to shoot for, took me 6 hrs to do tho. But from now on i'll do a minimum of 15, if not 20 for every serious project. it's worth the time. setting a timer with a 10 min limit for every comp is a great thing, too.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-10-2016

There was also a random little love story going on throughout the comps :D I really had a ton of fun with this

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-10-2016

turning bad thoughts into good ideas

RE: Sketchbook - wasgodx - 04-10-2016

I was expecting a big heart with an arrow on that last one! :P
Great job, Jan! That last one would look preeeetty dope with a dark atmosphere.

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 04-14-2016

thanks wasgodx :D maybe i'll go back to that one some day

just testing stuff! test test check check 123 123

RE: Sketchbook - KurtJeremy - 05-01-2016

Hey dude you there? I have been looking for the Vimeo art videos you shared in here recently, but I kinda lost it even though I have been looking everywhere for it I just can't seem to find them.If only you could share the link again would be much appreciated!

Cool stuff btw ! I am not worthy!

Edit: found it, thanks very much for sharing these ! I only finished one episode up until I lost the web address lol
anyway, hope you get back dude your works are amazing!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-08-2016

thanks kurt! had a couple rough days so didnt post much, but here's a little illustration i did for fun and some studies

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-08-2016

and another one

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-08-2016

and another one

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-09-2016

cock knight

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-09-2016

merkava research drawing! lookin to make some mechs soon. mechs are fun :o

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-10-2016


RE: Sketchbook - Arapersonica - 05-11-2016

Quote:if your problem is a lack of time, make time for it! but if you really can't squeeze more drawing time out of your day and you're just feeling stressed when drawing, relax. this is not a race. get it done right, no matter how long it takes. next time, it'll be faster but only if you learned something last time. so don't rush it, nothing is gained that way. 

That is very true. Been taking some time to finally slow down and actually think. The brain was still in overdrive mode from college, and I think I managed to beat it into submission finally!

Quote:For getting better at lineart, delve deep into learning perspective. good lines are just lines that show forms correctly. And if you wanna hit a certain style, don't be ashamed to study someones lineart for style. analize the lineweights, where they are and why and what else you can notice, write it down. you'll be surprised how easy it is to copy someones lineart style. but after that, give it your own tweaks. your taste will develop over time and you'll get more conscious of your own taste the more you draw and so will your own style. (not that i have a style yet, but i feel like it's coming slowly)

This seems to be the thing I need to work on! Very much so. And I have studied a few different people's lineart styles, but only haphazardly. I think I'll step that up into a more focused study soon though.

Thanks so much for the advice! And your new stuff is fantastic by the way!

RE: Sketchbook - DarlingDove - 05-11-2016

Hey there, just wanted to drop by to say that I like your work!
I'm still learning how to draw but I really like the way you paint, I inspire to be like you some day.

RE: Sketchbook - miracoly - 05-11-2016

Post #106, The King on the Throne, SICK DUDE! I love that!! Enjoy all your stuff, keep it up!

RE: Sketchbook - smrr - 05-11-2016

Nice cocks bro In love

Haha but forreals, I really dig this :o hadn't seen it before, you've been updating your sketchbook like a boss!
Nice vibrant colour contrast portraits too <:

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-16-2016

Whoa, thanks everyone! @DarlingDove I'd much rather see you be you instead, and become as good at that as you can! :)

recent thingie!

RE: Sketchbook - Jan Kloidt - 05-18-2016

random warmup thingie turned into a semi finished thingie. if the comp were a little more dynamic I'd have finished it but i dont like how from-the-side it is. thank youuuuu sis for your lovely crit tho! <3