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Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-10-2012

Hey daggers.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-11-2012

Some hair today and whatever.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Nimao - 03-12-2012

damn i like the hair studies x]

RE: Liberty Sketches - Tooth - 03-12-2012

Nice work so far, looking forward to how things progress.

The hair looks great!

Be good to see a similar page with figure practice :)

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-13-2012

Nimao - thanks man

Tooth - thanks, some figures will be done by tomorow :D

I tried to do little bit of everything.

RE: Liberty Sketches - rich4rt - 03-14-2012

great start, the hair studies are really nice. So many hair styles, it's yet another thing to study ;D Keep pushing man

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-14-2012

Thank you rich4rt :D

This was not a proper study, some hands and tried from memory afterwards.
And then some imagination characters, which show I have no idea what I`m doing haha.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-15-2012

This is just embarrassing.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 03-16-2012


RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-06-2012


RE: Liberty Sketches - Ste Flack - 09-06-2012

Very nice sketchbook so far Liberty, nice to see your mixing things up and studying lot of different things.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-07-2012

(09-06-2012, 06:12 PM)Ste Flack Wrote: Very nice sketchbook so far Liberty, nice to see your mixing things up and studying lot of different things.

o_0 Thank you man!!!
Ive been avoiding painting for this whole year, did mostly line stuff,
and Dan mentioned doing things you suck at which is clearly hard as hell, damn him>D

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-07-2012

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-10-2012


RE: Liberty Sketches - DK - 09-10-2012

Good progress Liberty, that last one has a pretty nice start.

RE: Liberty Sketches - ramalooke - 09-11-2012

volume of hard work is really impressive. You make me feel like lazy piece of shit xD. good stuff. keep it up <3

RE: Liberty Sketches - Lumens - 09-11-2012

Lovely pencils. You're getting better at skintones with every updates.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Warre - 09-11-2012

Some great work in this sketchbook, great studies.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-13-2012

Than you guys for lovely comments,it means a lot.

RE: Liberty Sketches - Liberty - 09-14-2012

more strugle