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RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - meat - 09-24-2015

Hey those are fun props! Have you thought about making them even more fun by adding small details? Doesn't always have to be decorative details and embellishments, but could be like graffiti or carving or stickers or stuff that has fallen out of the pockets and got stuck in the seam of the furniture from their current/historical owners.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 09-25-2015

Thanks Meat, cool idea, thanks - I'm doing some more pages at the moment and have started adding some bits like that as you suggest, so we'll see how they turn out!

Still working on perspective, trying to resolve some nagging questions, getting annoyed with cylinders at the moment!

I did some of the exercises from Amits environment class too, I'm not on the class, but I thought it would be fun to do some of the exercises, feel like I learnt from these already.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - smrr - 09-25-2015

Oh man these drawings are the shit!

Especially the furniture ones! Rotating things and drawing them like that is gonna help you like craaaaaaaaaaaazzzyyy o_o I need to work on stuff like this!

Good job on joining in on doing EDR hwk :) the Notan studies will help you out in the near future for sure!

Keep up the hard work, Lurch ;D

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 09-26-2015

thanks smrr, I'm trying to stick with those for a while, skething everyday stuff in perspective, hopefully it will stick in my head eventually!

a couple more bits, and some faces (my style of drawing is all over the place) because I needed a break from constant perspective! 

I'm still utterly confused about angles, keep looking at peoples mecha designs and it totally baffles me! but I'm having fun working things out.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - Vicianus - 09-26-2015

Nice constructive work!! :'D Keep it up, Lurch!

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - smrr - 09-27-2015

Actually, learning all that perspective should help you out a lot with faces ;) understanding perspective really comes into play when drawing people - so you got dis!

Also, daaaaamn, that notan for that enviro concept = on poiiintttt

keep smashing shitttt ;D !

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - Kayo Kid - 09-27-2015

Hey! I like your perspective studies a lot, I have you tried to place some figures in your environments?
Oh, and thanks for commenting on my sketchbook.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - missimoinsane - 09-27-2015

Nice perspective work <3 Keep it up :)

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 09-30-2015

Thanks for the replies.

smrr - i hope so! thanks for the encouragement!

Kayo Kid - thanks, my figures are awful so I've been avoiding them and forcing myself to work on the perspective stuff, hopefully I can start some figure studies soon and bring them together.

Got so many questions and so much lack of understanding with the perspective stuff it's still driving me mad.

I have books though, so it's not all bad!

I might try and do some more developed stuff and bring what I've got so far together, but then I'll be getting in to shadows and stuff! nightmare.

So, just a couple more bits, nothing too exciting at the moment.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-01-2015

more mess...

nearly done on the notan studies now, having problems deciding quite where the values are landing with a couple of these!

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-02-2015

finished these notan studies off, struggling a bit to see shapes and values after doing these all so close together.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-02-2015

wanted to get my inktober started...with a wonky shack!

and some random items.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-03-2015

stuff from today, tried again with the shack, just working on perspective and inktober stuff atm.

used some ref for the horror movie themed weapons, could have done with using some for the shack, I keep trying to draw stuff without using ref and wondering why it's not quite right, think it's cos I just wanna draw but you gotta do the studies first.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - crackedskull - 10-03-2015

Lotta cool objects :D

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-04-2015

thanks crackedskull, hoping i can start bringing them together into something.

more ink stuff from today, used ref for the gravestones, should have used ref for all of it!

plus some notan sketches for week 2 of Amit's class which I'm trying to follow along with.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-04-2015

worked these a little bit further.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-05-2015

more inktober stuff, and one of the thumbnails for the environment design class...only 4 to go, damn i'm slow!

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-06-2015

slow progress on the thumbnails, sort of finished another two, although there's a few things that need fixing still.

two more to go after these, exposing lots of missing knowledge!

I know the zippo is a mess, goin to go back and work on ellipses at some point.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-08-2015

Taken the environment thumbnails as far as I can for now, it's really down to a lack of visualisation skills at the moment, I just can't see how to setup the camera/eye line etc how I want. Learnt a lot doing these though.

Tried some dip pen and spatter for inktober as well.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - Raphael_Nadeau - 10-08-2015

Pretty cool perspective studies, great improvement since the beginning of your sketchbook, Keep it up !
Particularly like you inktober sketches :)