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RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - lurch - 11-01-2015

Jyonny, you must have posted while I was updating!

Thanks for the encouragement, I think it's frustration from finding in each drawing some element that I can't quite nail, ellipses are a big problem at the moment, or elements sitting at different angles to the main subjet - like in the shack, the car is parallel with the building because I got stuck!

Plus how to tackle things like buildings with columns etc, like if I should build out, or cut in, that sort of thing.

Yeah it's a killer - I look at people like Roy Santua, his sketches look so simple and elegant, but everything's in perfective perspective.

Enough complaing from me - I guess it's just down to practice and reading!

I have Scott Robertsons Book, just about to start it, so hopefully that'll pay off.

Thanks again for the pointers, I'll try the 3 point/1 point approach.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - hristovdraws - 11-01-2015

Hey, you have really cool studies, keep up the good work :) Btw be sure to go to the back pages of Scott Roberton's book for the video links. I was surprised how many people complained about how difficult the book was because there were no videos to show the process.

RE: Lurch's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 11-01-2015

Very nice work on the perspective studies lurch, i hear Scott robertson's book is great for learning it. I have that book myself and still haven't started working through it lol I might have to follow your example and have a crack at it myself :) keep at it man, I'll check back to see how you're getting on :)