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RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 01-30-2017

Thanks! I'm glad to be back :)

Here's a 3 hour graphite figure drawing I did at the Conservatory in Seattle (Cynthia Sheppard did an amazing painting today- I think she'll post it on social media eventually, so if she does, go check it out!). The model was from the marines and part Native American (Cayuse/Nez Perce, Apache/Comanche decent).
These are some studies I did earlier today... sorry for the weird tilt!
And finally, here's a character doodle I did from imagination.

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 01-31-2017

Here's a 3 hour graphite drawing I did today... I definitely should have spent more time on the block-in since there are some proportion issues.
I also did some hand studies in my sketchbook (I've been experimenting a lot more in my sketchbook with various mediums and mark-making).

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-01-2017

cloud studies to prepare for a new illustration. :) I will post the thumbnails and color comps for it sometime this week.

and here's some doodles from today

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - gregorkari - 02-01-2017

Ooh I really like how you painted that woman's face in #21! The edges add a lot of character to the face!

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-01-2017

(02-01-2017, 07:22 PM)gregorkari Wrote: Ooh I really like how you painted that woman's face in #21! The edges add a lot of character to the face!

Thanks! :) I like how it turned out as well!

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-02-2017

Quick thumbnails for my illustration.

And here's a WIP for my color comps

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-02-2017


RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - vennsomn - 02-03-2017

Those last thumbnails are gorgeous, the overall mood and the color palette r looking good! Tho I think the character's shillouette could be more clean and dont forget that the difference between the character's and the environment's value ranges should be apparent :з

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - VoodooMama - 02-03-2017

Very nice studies! Specially the hands.
I love the cloud ones, the textures and colors are very interesting.
The character doodle is very cool. Maybe you can explore more like that!

Keep up the hard work!

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-03-2017

Thanks! Ya the character does need to be more readable :) I tried to mix the body of the character and the clouds together for some of them, but it looks a bit confusing. Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks! I will :D

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - SweatiestDegree - 02-04-2017

Thanks for stopping by! :D

why do all the peeps make me feel like a lazy potato! xD

Keep it up man :D

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Nowio - 02-04-2017

Love the native american pencil sketch! <3

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-04-2017

No problem! Thanks, you too! :D

Thank you!


RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - NoodleInBox - 02-04-2017

Love your pencils, the lines are so energetic and full of life *.*

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-05-2017

Thanks! :)

Sketching while playing board gamess

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - vennsomn - 02-06-2017

Woah sick sketches! The faces are so delicately captured with such fluid lines.. loving it. I need more

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-06-2017

Thanks! :D I'll post as much as I can!

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - imPhelikz - 02-06-2017

Nice sketches!

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 02-06-2017

Really quick color study of my sleeping friend (10-15 minutes I think)

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Cha1R - 02-06-2017

looking good, really nice colors!