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RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 04-13-2018

@ Fedodika
Thanks, I'll keep working on it! Portraits are something I need to work more on. (along with everything else!) :D

RE: Axrel's Sketchbook - Axrel - 04-13-2018

School started up again this week and I did four 10 minute, two 20 minute, and one 40 minute color study from life. These were pretty challenging for me, and I'm excited to do more.

This is a quick 20 minute study of an obsidian rock I have.

Pile of sketches from last week. Some imaginative, some from outside my house, and some studies from photos.

Finally, this is a 60"x30" oil painting I finished recently. I started it in January and finished it 2 weeks or so ago.

Here's a photo I took after I varnished it.

And these were some figure studies and various compositions I did before I started.