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Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 10-22-2015

Hello :) i'm Sean, I'm starting a sketchbook here as im planning on taking my art a bit more seriously, i will do my best to update as often as i can, a few times a week at the least :) i'll be keeping my eye out on other sketchbooks also, and offer feedback wherever i can (with what little knowledge i have lol). I'm currently working solely on drawing figures as im an aspiring character designer. So here goes:

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 10-24-2015

Its been a while since ive done any gesture drawing so im going to try and get back into it.

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - lurch - 10-25-2015

really like the girl with the black hair in your first post, has a nice graphic novel feel to her.

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 10-29-2015

Thank you lurch :) 
Been keeping up with the gesture drawing. I really need to try and come up with some character designs but cant seem to think of any ideas that inspire me enough to actually draw any of them :( Also tried some digital painting which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, lol I will have to stick with it, im still very new to using a tablet.

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 11-01-2015

Not much of an update im afraid. I cranked out another portrait painting which i feel turned out a bit better than the last one i did. Going to have to do some more though.

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 11-02-2015

Thank you Mariyan! :D
so just thought id post the self portrait i did for today. i would have liked to have done this in sai but im really not so comfortable doing portraits or any kind of digital painting yet. so i just stuck with the trusty ol' sketchbook and mechanical pencil.

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - tbnkaron - 11-02-2015

Pretty cool sketchbook! Really like your gestures. If I may offer one piece of advice is to soften your edges a little as we rarely see such hard edges irl, please disregard if you were going for that ultra graphic look.

Great self portrait btw, keep it up!

RE: Sean's Sketchbook - SeanDraws - 11-16-2015

Thanks for the tip tbnkaron :D i will have to start practicing that, maybe look up some tutorials too :)

its been awhile since an update so i thought id post a little something. I finally feel like im getting my groove back with drawing more character design stuff. So im going to carry on with that along with some anatomy studies & figure drawing :)