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Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-04-2015


I decided to do helmighs in yo face class on portraits. This is my take on a part of the first assignment. Not finished :) But love to here what you think about it, especially about the shading, edgecontrol, etc...

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - Mariyan-Hristov - 11-04-2015

Hello , welcome do daggers ! :) I think you did good job with the shading, but in my opinion the top forms of the skull are too roundish and the teeth too white. Keep up the good work ! Looking forward to see more from you :)

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-05-2015

Thanks for the infos. I´m working on a new skullstudie and will incorporate your feedback here :)
Nice environments and vehicle designs btw.

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-10-2015

Hi, new skullstudie for that portrayclass

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-12-2015

New portrait study in order to get down with values.

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - DK - 11-21-2015

If you're trying to study how light hits and affects the head, then I would first look at the anatomy of the head (IMPORTANT: get down all the names of the bones and muscles first) and then planes of the face. If you go into this without any of that knowledge, you'll have a hard time understanding why the light is hitting certain areas. That is why some teachers have you start out by rendering simple flat surface shapes like spheres, boxes, and cones first; because there are no underlying features in them.

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-23-2015

Cool, thanks. Sounds like a good idea, I´m following along with helmighs awesome portrait class and she seems to have a similiar approach to it. Will put more effort in analyzing and understanding forms.

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-24-2015

Little studie of a sparth environment, trying out lassotool and texturebrushes

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 11-24-2015

Set myself the goal to create an Illustration for a cardgame (absolutely not ripped off from SamCarrs awesome Mentoringclass) This is the quicksketch, will post my progress soon :)

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-01-2016

Silly little monster (not finished)

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - meat - 01-02-2016

Looking forward to see more of the card illustraion :)

Also, silly monster is cute, lol! Other than his head, the rest of his body seem to be missing on core shadows though.

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-03-2016

Hahaha, thanks, yeah got interrupted on the monster, I need to bring myself to finsih the rest of it . But I´m working on the animalcompanion right now. :D

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-04-2016

Update on the animalcompanion

trashed the original barbarian design and pose, because it felt too static and because of some anatomic errors.

I´m trying out colors now...

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-06-2016


RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-11-2016

Update on the animalcompanion

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-12-2016

Daily figuredrawing

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-14-2016

Animalcompanion and some lifedrawing

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-14-2016

Wip, try to imrove my shading

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - ketchup13 - 01-20-2016

Personal project, I did for a jobapplication. Would love to hear what you guys think :)

RE: Ketchup´s sketchbook - Pax - 01-21-2016

Something about the last image seems weird with the foreground homes sitting on the background; it looks jarring for some reason. I can't really figure out why. All other elements in your scene have a very soft feeling on their forms, even the mountains have a feeling of softness and fluffiness. It could be the sharpness of the house form sitting against such a muddled background, but I don't really know. Maybe it's fine and my eyes are having a rough day.

I love the beauty of some of the linework on the figures in the post two pages up.