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Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-13-2015

Hello! You can call me Shon. I'm an aspiring artist currently attending art school. I'll try and post drawings as much as I can and I'll be happy to hear your opinions on them, critique is well accepted c:

RE: Shon's sketchbook - SerGeorgious - 11-14-2015

Welcome to the forums, keep on working hard!! :)

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-14-2015

Thank you for commenting sergeorgious c: here are some more drawings

RE: Shon's sketchbook - -echo- - 11-14-2015

Welcome to the forums! :)

RE: Shon's sketchbook - vlada - 11-14-2015

Hey Shon, welcome! Great to see another student around here, hang in there!

You have a good sense of gesture. Watch out for these proportions -- in arms and legs especially; you also tend to make heads a little small. When in doubt, stand up and take the pose the model is doing and take note of where your joints align -- where do your elbows go? Which leg does the weight go on? It could help, also, to double check proportions by imagining a straight line running in front of the model horizontally or vertically.

It will take a bit for these to become "instinctual" but right now you need a more solid understanding of the underlying structure to give your figures believable "framework". Study the skeletal proportions and simplfy them, imagine the wires of the skeleton beneath the volumes of the model and draw those.

FANTASTIC expressions, by the way, keep on at it!

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-15-2015

echo- Thank you! c:

vlada- Thank you for the advice! I'll make sure to keep it in mind next time I draw figures c:  I should probably do more muscle and bone studies as well.

Here's some more stuff  : D

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-17-2015

More drawings!! Some are from class and some are just me messing around. Not too happy with the colored one but oh well.

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-18-2015

Today wasn't such a great day for drawing but here are some WIPs. The first two are from photo references the other two are me messing around with lines. I'm slowly trying to get the hang of colors but um you can kind of see how thats going for me : D

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 11-24-2015

Hi!! Here's a portrait for school some figure studies and crappy doodles. Drawing comics is hard.

RE: Shon's sketchbook - tirbushon - 03-12-2017

Hey its been a year and a half since I last posted anything. Here's some progress

RE: Shon's sketchbook - SerGeorgious - 03-12-2017

You're doing great!!
Keep on working! C:

RE: Shon's sketchbook - Hozure - 03-12-2017

Try simplifying your values more so that it's clear which planes are in the light and which are in shadow. And welcome back from your break.